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Skip the metal, wire mesh and discomfort of regular braces for Invisalign. Here’s why!

As adults, we rue the day we have to sport a metallic smile well into our thirties. Consider all your options before you settle for crooked teeth over wearing braces.

Thanks to the advanced technology of Invisalign in Hampshire, you can maintain your social image whilst straightening your teeth at our clinic, Winchester Orthodontics.

How it works

Invisalign or invisible braces work similarly to a retainer system: both types are invisible and removable. The only difference being that people post-braces use retainers to keep their teeth in check, while invisible braces' aligners actually move teeth into their desired position.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we take impressions of your teeth using an Itero scanner. This electronic device can take thousands of photographs per second.

Based on the findings, our orthodontist will devise a treatment plan and send dental impressions to the lab with instructions on how to custom design your aligners, so they fit comfortably over your teeth and gums.

For the treatment to work best, you need to replace your aligners once every two weeks with new ones that are differently shaped. This is the method employed to straighten your teeth - by using a different retainer every two weeks, your teeth will have to adjust to a new position and then gradually fall into place.

Advantages of Invisalign

No messy putty

In the past, dental impressions were created using putty. The orthodontist would place putty in your mouth, and you would have to bite down into it. The aftertaste was awful, and you would be picking out flecks of the stuff for weeks afterwards. Sometimes, due to an overproduction of saliva brought on by a foreign object in your mouth, the results were inaccurate, and the process had to be repeated.

Carry on with your life as normal

With metal braces, you have to stay away from certain foods that might break your wires, and incorporate a whole new intensive cleaning routine to remove the stubborn food particles from your braces. These restrictions and inconveniences will not be a problem while using Invisalign in Hampshire removable aligner trays - just slip them out while eating and brushing your teeth.

Wear them at work, on dates and out to dinner with friends

The best part about their near invisible appearance is that no one will know you are wearing them, which we know is like music to the ears of self-conscious brace wearers. Your confidence levels will not fall while wearing them, nor will you feel concerned about what others think.

Less discomfort

Your retainer is made from smooth plastic, not sharp wires, which means that you will not have the pain of metal making contact with your inner cheek and tearing the skin.

How long will the treatment last?

Several months to two years. Self-discipline is critical, leaving out your retainer for more than two hours a day will prolong the treatment.

At the start of treatment, your orthodontist will map out your treatment so that you have a rough indication of a completion time, and on each visit, you can ask to see scans of your teeth to determine how your treatment is progressing.

Chat to us about Invisalign in Hampshire a groundbreaking orthodontic treatment that is taking the world of orthodontics by storm.


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