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Still searching for Invisalign in Winchester?

A nudge in the right direction

Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we are committed to providing aid and assistance in all things orthodontic to the residents of Winchester and beyond. Typically, this consists of installing retainers, braces and everything in between — however, we’ve noticed that an increasing amount of people are searching for ‘Invisaline’, and we thought we ought to clarify that it is spelt Invisalign in Winchester not ‘Invisaline’. Whilst this may seem like an easy mistake to make, it is one we have taken upon ourselves to rectify so that we can help nudge those seeking Invisalign in Winchester in the right direction, and fill them in on everything they need to know about this revolutionary dental alignment system.

Hidden wonders

This system is the brainchild of Stanford University graduate, Zia Chisti, who in (FIND) revolutionised the world of conventional orthodontics by replacing fused metal brackets and wires with a removable plastic retainer. By creating a unique retainer for each patient — constructed from a patented ‘SmartTrack’ plastics, which is chosen for it's uniquely durable yet malleable qualities — the retainers utilise specialist pressure points to gradually realign the patient’s teeth to their correct specifications. One of the main factors which influence patients to seek Invisalign in Winchester, is the procedure’s discrete nature. As each retainer is constructed in a way that it fits snugly over a patient's teeth, when it is worn it is practically invisible. This sets these aligners apart from other methods of dental alignment, as it affords the user the ability to undertake essential realignment, without attracting any unwanted scrutiny from their peers or colleagues. This may help explain the procedure’s popularity with teenagers and young adults, who may be particularly impressionable and have an increased focus on the superficial nature of orthodontic treatments.

Benefits of seeking treatment

Patients who seek Invisalign in Winchester can find that the treatment has a massively beneficial impact on their self esteem and confidence. This is due to the fact that they can undertake treatment discreetly, without attracting any negative attention. Additionally to this, another unique factor of this process, which differentiates it from other methods of orthodontic realignment, is that the retainer is removable. This affords its users with the ability to work their treatments around their own schedules. Patients can opt to only wear their retainers when they are at home, or asleep — or at whatever time is convenient to them. Additionally to this, another benefit of the removable nature of these aligners is that the retainer can be removed to allow patients to enjoy any meal they choose — without having to worry about it having a detrimental effect on their teeth. Those who opt for Invisalign in Winchester will have each stage of the treatment monitored and their progress tracked by our friendly and approachable staff. This can be beneficial in ensuring that our patients are on track and that you will get the best results you possibly can from your treatment with us.


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