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Searching for invisible braces in Winchester?

Who we are

Here at Winchester Orthodontics, for over twenty years our trained and professional team of orthodontic specialists and dental practitioners have been working tirelessly to provide the residents of the Winchester area with a smile they deserve. Collectively, we’ve helped bring healthy and beautiful smiles to over 4,600+ patients within that time, and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. We provide a comprehensive range of orthodontics across a number of fields, including invisible braces in Winchester, which are favoured greatly over conventional methodologies due to their discrete nature.

Hidden wonders

Historically, those who were in need of dental realignment were often faced with the looming fears that were associated with having to wear a large and obvious metal brace for the duration of treatment, which often lasted around a year. As one can imagine, as a school child or young adult, there was a considerable amount of social pressure associated with getting braces. Today however, thanks to the massive leaps in design innovation that has been afforded to us, this problem has become all but obsolete. Nowadays, patients can opt for services such as invisible braces in Winchester, which are similar to conventional fused metal braces, however, are constructed from a clear plastic, which makes them practically invisible. Damon braces utilise tieless braces and archwires, which have been clinically proven to move teeth to their correct specifications faster and with greater comfort than ever before. Additionally to this, another benefit in opting for Damon braces, is that treatment typically only takes around six months from installation to completion. This is much faster than conventional methods, which is another reason for its popularity over traditional braces.

Smiling on through

Invisible braces in Winchester are now far more popular with teenagers and young adults than ever before. This is primarily due to the discrete nature of the treatment, as it affords them the ability to undertake essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted scrutiny or attention from their peers or colleagues. However, it is not solely the superficial nature of Damon braces which attracts so many to favouring it over conventional methods. Another benefit to the system is that, after treatment has been completed, the effects will be far more long lasting than other methods of orthodontics. Often, with other methods of dental realignment, once treatment has been completed, the patient’s teeth return to their old specifications. This is known as a relapse, however it can be avoided by continuing to wear a dental retainer at night after treatment has been completed - to prevent them moving out from their correct specifications.

Why choose us?

Patients who opt for Damon clear braces can expect to enjoy a straighter and healthier looking smile in just six months from installation, which will - if taken care of properly - last a lifetime. This can be massively beneficial in boosting the self esteem and confidence of those who are seeking treatment as they can smile without fear or worries, as everyone ought to be able to do.


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