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Tooth Whitening

Because we all know there's something magical about a brilliant smile

Over time teeth can become discoloured and stained due to the things we eat and drink. Consuming a lot of tea or coffee can leave a brown stain on the teeth.  If you smoke your teeth may turn a shade of orange. Tooth whitening treatment can reverse the damage of these products and can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth which have other surface marks.  It is important to note, this treatment will only change the colour of tooth material.  If you have a filling, crown, or veneer, their colour will not be changed by whitening.

Winchester Orthodontic Practice offers the at home tray whitening system to our adult patients over 18. This involves special custom made trays, similar to mouthguards, being fabricated. The tooth whitening gel is placed inside the trays which are worn overnight for a sufficient period to achieve the desired result.

Teeth Whitening

The results of this procedure last longer than other whitening treatments, is not harmful to the teeth and the whitening trays can be used again at a later date to top up the result.

The cost of a course of treatment is currently £350. However, we are only able to offer this treatment to individuals over the age of 18.

Starting treatment will be dependent on a free consultation to check the health of your teeth.

0% Interest Free Monthly Payment Plans Available 


We are happy to be able to provide our patients with a selection of methods by which they can pay for their treatment. 

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