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Invisalign Teen

The Clear Way To Straighten Your Teeth
Invisalign Teen Mandibular Advancement

Invisalign Teen has introduced a new treatment option for patients who need mandibular advancement. This new treatment option has the potential to become the leading mandibular advancement appliance.

Advantages include –

  1. It is very comfortable and does not influence the patient’s speech. No acrylic covering the palatal surface.

  2. Less vertical opening than a conventional TwinBlock appliance

  3. The ability to continue with alignment of the rest of the teeth while advancing the jaw which could reduce overall treatment time.

  4. No rubbing against the soft tissues of the lower arch or fitting issues in the lower jaw.

  5. Potential to eliminate need for any fixed appliances if used as part of the Invisalign Teen treatment.

  6. Patient compliance can easily be measured by checking the Invisalign Teen blue indicator tabs.

  7. Very low risk (if any) for emergency appointments.

  8. Potential to replace a lost aligner without a visit to the surgery- specific for the Invisalign Teen option.

  9. Clear, invisible appearance which means higher acceptance by teenage patients.

As the use of the appliance develops we might see the potential for its use in adults as an anti-snoring device.

Invisalign Teen
Invisalign Teen

Between school, sports, dating, and hanging out with friends, getting metal braces is probably not high on your list of things to do!.

However, how do you balance getting your teeth straight with keeping the smile on your face during treatment? The answer is: Invisalign Teen!

We can straighten teeth without metal wires and brackets meaning there is more freedom to enjoy the things that make these years the best times of your life.


The Invisalign Teen website is aimed at you rather than your parents. Have a look here and if you still have questions, you can talk to one of us on 01962 841009. There is also a helpful section on how to talk to your parents about having the treatment.


It certainly does! If that isn’t enough, follow the link here for 10 good reasons why your parents should be getting you Invisalign Teen!

It works in the same way as the adult’s Invisalign appliance but has 3 unique differences just for you:

  • There are little blue dots on the back that fade over the two weeks so you know if you have worn them for long enough.

  • Little lumps on the aligners to aid turning the teeth to the right position.

  • Space to guide any teeth that haven’t come through to grow into the right place.

Invisalign Teen Treatment

Sophie had her treatment with Invisalign teen. She was able to fit the appointments around her timetable and most of her friends didn’t even spot that she was wearing braces! She even said at the end of treatment that the time went by much faster than she thought it would.

0% Interest Free Monthly Payment Plans Available 


We are happy to be able to provide our patients with a selection of methods by which they can pay for their treatment. 

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