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What are traditional metal braces?

Traditional metal braces are made up of metal brackets that are connected to a wire and stuck onto the teeth with adhesive. Metal braces require tightening every 4-6 weeks this is so that pressure can gradually straighten and align the teeth to their appropriate positions. Metal braces are largely used for complex dental cases and come under the category of the most common orthodontic option. However, there are many other treatment options available. Our orthodontist Hampshire will advise you of different treatments to ensure you make the right decision. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment do not hesitate to book an appointment at Winchester Orthodontics, as straightening teeth is what we do!

Benefits of traditional metal braces

There are many benefits when using metal braces most commonly with how fast results are seen. However, there are a variety of other advantages alongside this as our orthodontist Hampshire will tell you.

Quick results

The way in which metal braces are formed and created means a fast treatment time along with better effectiveness. Most of the time, individuals who choose to proceed with treatment using traditional braces wear them for around one to three years. And not only are they beneficial for teeth straightening, but they give our orthodontist very good control over the treatment received. Most patients would recommend this treatment as it is a good investment in long-term dental health as are all orthodontics.


Metal braces do not normally need to be replaced, as they tend to to last throughout the duration of the treatment period. In terms of strength, traditional braces have the ability to withstand the daily wear of both chewing and brushing. The materials that are used to create metal braces are steel and titanium. Traditional braces require you stay away from any food that requires a lot of pressure being used, such as any food that is crunchy or hard. This is so that the food does not damage the metal brace. It is also important to avoid any other prohibited foods. On the other hand, individuals are still able to continue and still enjoy all their usual activities. This includes any sport related activity or exercise.

Improved oral hygiene

Along with straightening teeth the use of metal braces is also responsible for protecting an individual against any chronic dental conditions and injuries by their results. By having straighter teeth, it is much more hygienic because it endows a patient with better ability to brush their teeth with ease. This can safeguard an individual from developing conditions such as gum disease, crowded teeth, tooth decay and bad breath. With straightened teeth you are less likely getting hurt in a situation when you are struck in the mouth area against a protruding tooth.

Misaligned teeth can cause many underlying issues which most commonly are headaches, jaw pain, speech difficulty and trouble sleeping. By going ahead with orthodontic treatment it will not only straighten your teeth, but it will also help to eliminate these other issues.


After orthodontic treatment by our orthodontist Hampshire you will feel much more confident when speaking and socialising with others. Treatment will give you a smile you desire and having straight teeth can make a difference to your self-esteem. After the process of having braces you will not feel the need to hide your teeth for photographs or when meeting others. A straighter smile will boost your confidence and it allows you to interact more in social events without worrying about the appearance of your teeth.


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