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The treatments we offer with our orthodontist in Hampshire

At our dental clinic in Hampshire we embrace both the quantity of dental treatments, in addition to the quality of dental services we provide. Our clinic not only offers subtle orthodontics such as clear aligners, lingual braces, and Damon clear braces, but we also provide cosmetic dental treatments, such as tooth whitening, for example. If you are interested in the orthodontic treatments we provide, but are unaware of which braces are right for you, then you may benefit greatly from an initial consultation.

What to expect from an initial consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire

Many of our patients may be suffering from dental imperfections, however they may be unsure of which braces are right for them. At our dental clinic within Hampshire we treat every dental case of a patient as completely unique, this means we can determine which braces are right for your smile, consequently achieving the best possible results. Many of our more nervous patients may wish to know what to expect from an initial consultation at our practice, which we are always happy to accommodate.

Meeting the dental team

Once you have booked your initial consultation either online or via telephone call, you will meet our specialist orthodontist (Suzette) in addition to our patient coordinator, who will guide you through the entire process. Our dental healthcare professionals will thoroughly examine your pre-treatment smile, as well as showing you possible orthodontic options, their exact prices, and the expected treatment times.

What’s next?

After your free initial consultation has finished (they typically last thirty to forty-five minutes) we will send you a written statement of everything we have discussed. After determining the best treatment plan for you we can start working towards your dream smile! Despite the majority of our patients wishing to pursue orthodontic treatment with us, we never place pressure on our potential patients, which is why all of our initial consultations are obligation free!.

Am I eligible for orthodontics?

Before seeing our orthodontist in Hampshire many of our patients may be wondering if their dental condition warrants braces, however at our practice we work with minor imperfections, as well as those of greater complexity, helping you achieve your coveted smile.

Some common concerns patients may be experiencing are front protrusions of the teeth, commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as an ‘overbite, in addition to underbites, impacted teeth, and general overcrowding.

What are the benefits of receiving orthodontics?

Orthodontic braces strive to amend aesthetic concerns within the mouth (such as irregular spacing of the teeth, for example) however braces not only improve the appearance of your smile, but can also help restore the function of your teeth.

Helping you regain the function of your teeth

Irregularly spaced, overcrowded, or even missing teeth can make it hard to brush, floss, or even eat normally, this is where braces can help! Aside from restoring the function of the teeth, orthodontic work can also improve your dental health.

Staying on top of your oral hygiene

Straighter teeth produce happier smiles, however many patients may not be aware that they also produce healthier mouths! Straighter teeth make it even easier for patients to brush and floss correctly, this means a decreased chance of plaque and tartar build-up within the mouth.


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