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The era of invisible braces at the orthodontist in Hampshire

Years ago, braces were unsightly in appearance, featuring large metal brackets, and less than inconspicuous elastic bands, not to mention extremely uncomfortable for the wearer. Stocking up on orthodontic wax to rub onto metal brackets was the order of the day to avoid mouth sores caused by metal-on-skin friction.

Thankfully, developments in modern orthodontics have made the experience of wearing braces more pleasurable. Users can look forward to straightening aids that are so discreet that they are practically invisible and provide a more enjoyable user experience overall.

Not sure about your options? We, Winchester Orthodontics, are brace experts and will know how to advise you, based on the nature and severity of your dental issue.

What kinds of braces might an orthodontist in Hampshire recommend?

Invisalign has taken the world of orthodontics by storm. Invisalign, (Invisaline as the brand name is commonly misspelt) and invisible braces all refer to transparent retainers that users are expected to wear and replace with a new set bi-monthly by recommendation of their orthodontist in Hampshire.

Invisalign is a popular method of straightening teeth not only for their near invisibility, but because they are comfortable to wear. Your retainers are custom designed to cover your teeth and gums snugly, while mouth ulcers, cuts and irritations are a thing of the past.

What further increases the popularity of transparent braces is their removable nature. You can take out the device when you need to, but remember to slip it back into your mouth afterwards. Some users might find this feature risky because it requires self-discipline. However, if you are a responsible person who will not accidentally lose their device, you can enjoy the freedom of being brace-free for two hours every day, which entitles you to eat what you like, play sports and brush your teeth as you usually would.

Invisalign is an effective means of realigning teeth and correcting overbites, but the product is restricted in the types of issues it can fix. If you have a complicated dental problem, invisible braces might not be a suitable match for you, but do not worry, there are plenty of other options from which to choose.

If Invisalign isn’t for me, what other devices can you recommend?

Lingual braces or ceramic braces are two straightening aids worth considering. Lingual braces are custom-fabricated and affixed to the back of your teeth, as opposed to the front. The design of the lingual or hidden braces will undoubtedly appeal to self-conscious teenagers and adults because the device is hidden from plain sight.

As mentioned, because lingual braces are made to fit the exact shape of your teeth, you can expect desirable results and an enviable smile by the end of your treatment. One distinct disadvantage experienced by some people is irritation felt by the tongue as a result of constant contact with metal, a sensation which, although people get used to it, never entirely goes away. However, all users’ experiences are different, and this might not pose a problem for you.

Ceramic braces comprise of porcelain brackets that are typically tooth-coloured. The lack of metal will make this device, if not completely invisible, less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

See our orthodontist in Hampshire. We can start your journey towards perfect teeth today.


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