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Straight and healthy teeth

Improving the alignment of your teeth will enhance your oral health as well as your aesthetic appeal. At Winchester Orthodontics, we have a wide range of contemporary treatments for people seeking an orthodontist in Hampshire. Whether you’re concerned about prominent front teeth, a misaligned bite, or a crowded smile, we can provide you with a discreet and effective solution. Our customised realignment appliances will transform your smile without disrupting your appearance.

Innovations at the orthodontist in Hampshire

Our wide range of treatments includes clear braces, hidden braces, and invisible braces. One of our most popular choices is Invisalign. This procedure – often mis-spelled as ‘Invisaline’ – requires you to wear a series of aligners, made of transparent plastic. You’ll wear a set of these snugly-fitting appliances over your teeth for 7-10 days, before moving on to the next set in the sequence. The slightly different shape of each subsequent aligner gradually moves your teeth into better positions.

Because it doesn’t involve any brackets attached to your teeth, you can take Invisalign out of your mouth at mealtimes, or when you need to brush your teeth. This makes it very user-friendly, and helps you to maintain great oral hygiene.

Hidden braces from a Hampshire orthodontist

It might be necessary to use wire-and-bracket braces to solve your tooth misalignment problems. As a contemporary Hampshire orthodontist, we use braces made of tooth-coloured and transparent materials. Their low-visibility construction makes them more discreet than traditional metal varieties.

We can also attach braces to the backs of your teeth. These hidden braces will achieve your desired effects in almost total secrecy. They’re popular with adults who work in customer-facing roles, or who want to avoid unwanted attention at social events.

After the treatment

Once your treatment at the Hampshire orthodontist is complete, the transformation in your dental aesthetics will be obvious. You’ll be able to enjoy the oral health and cosmetic benefits for many years afterwards. Visiting the Hampshire orthodontist can significantly improve your overall quality of life. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the ways in which our tooth realignment solutions can bring you a straighter, healthier smile.


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