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Smile with confidence with help from your Hampshire orthodontist

Not many patients look forward to a visit to the dentist, let alone a visit to the orthodontist in Hampshire. At the mere mention of an orthodontist, people imagine getting their teeth straightened with hulking metal brackets, thick metal wires and rubber bands. Quite a mouthful. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be the case anymore as dental technology has moved on.

At Winchester Orthodontic Practice, our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder, has the skills to straighten your teeth using any one of a range of modern teeth straightening devices. If you’re worried about sporting a metal mouth during the course of your treatment and being subject to stares at work, let us put your mind at ease. Here are 2 of our most popular choices for discreet teeth straightening:


Often misspelt Invisaline, these clear, plastic aligners came on the market almost 20 years ago. They look similar to mouth guards but much thinner at just 0.3mm and are barely visible once on.

Each aligner in a series is designed to nudge your teeth into straighter positions over the course of about 7-10 days and then it is onto the next aligner. You won’t have to come in to see our orthodontist in Hampshire every time you change aligners as these removable appliances are easy to pop in and out yourself. We will, however, want to check up on you periodically during your treatment to check that everything is on track.

Invisalign works well for mild to moderate misalignments and on average, treatment takes a year if you make sure you wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day.

Lingual braces

If you have more severe misalignments, you can still enjoy discretion during your teeth straightening treatment by using lingual braces. These fixed metal braces are not going to be an eyesore as they are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth, where they are completely hidden from view. Each bracket is custom-made to fit an individual tooth for the ultimate in personalised treatment.

And there’s more

To find out which of our many teeth straightening treatments is right for you, book an appointment with our Hampshire orthodontist today.


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