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Sidestep the tricky issues during teeth straightening

At Winchester Orthodontics, we think its our job to ensure that you have a great treatment experience as well as a clinically successful one. We want you to enjoy any adjustments to your smile for years to come, but without looking back on the treatment as something you just had to go through to get the look that you want.

With that in mind, we acknowledge some of the issues that come with braces that you might get from the orthodontist in Winchester. Some of them are unavoidable and we need to offer you ways to cope with them. Others are preventable with the proper care.

Aching mouth/ gums

This comes with the territory, regardless of which method of teeth straightening you choose at the orthodontist in Winchester. The times when you can expect to feel stronger sensations are right after your equipment is fitted and/ or when it is tightened, or you wear a new aligner. You may find the ache noticeable, but not to the point where you need to do anything in particular about it. If it is too much for you, you can take regular painkillers.

Bad breath

You need not suffer from bad breath when you have braces. To avoid it, you simply need to put a little more effort into your cleaning routine. Bad breath can develop if you leave bits of food trapped in your braces or behind your aligner. The orthodontist in Winchester can advise you on the different cleaning methods you need to use, depending on the equipment that you have.

Unsightly equipment

This is a problem that used to be associated with all teeth straightening treatments. Fortunately, many of the methods that we use at Winchester Orthodontics are designed to minimise this issue. You may be able to choose clear, fixed braces or see-through aligners, depending on the severity of your misalignment.

If you really want to hide your equipment completely, you can have lingual braces, which are fixed to the backs of the teeth. They work in the same way as any other method without changing the appearance of the parts of the teeth that are visible when you smile.


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