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Orthodontist your smile creator

Here at Winchester Orthodontic Practice we want you to know that you are special and that we will strive to meet your dental expectations. Our dedicated well trained team regularly attends further training as new methods and equipment come to the market so that we are always up to date. The result of our treatments is your happy face smiling proudly and that is what satisfies us.

Visual appearance

Our visual appearance has become more of a priority over the decades and as technology progresses so this desire becomes stronger. Orthodontist Hampshire does a whole lot more than just take care of our teeth. Not everybody is born with perfectly straight teeth or an immaculate jawline. Through a variety of orthodontic techniques and appliances your facial features and profile can be enhanced.

Is the treatment only for children?

This is a mythical concept, of course treatment at pre-adolescent and adolescent stages help to correct problems early and also help to eliminate bad habits such as thumb sucking. Technological advancements have allowed orthodontists to offer ever evolving treatment to adults as well.

What conditions can an orthodontist treat

Orthodontist Hampshire can provide treatment for crooked teeth and those annoying bite problems such as overbite or underbite. A mouth with crowded teeth or teeth that have unsightly gaps and of course jaw misalignment which invariably cause jaw joint issues. The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is to improve your bite so that you can chew properly and not speak with any impediment caused by jaw misalignment.

How does an orthodontist correct teeth and jaw problems

The purpose of the treatment is to achieve an even spread of biting pressure throughout your mouth, to achieve this either a fixed or removable appliance is used. To determine which type of appliance is best it is necessary for you to have a comprehensive examination of your entire mouth and jaw. This is done by taking X-Rays, 3D imaging and an intero oral scan so that they can identify what areas need attention. Once the results have been analysed you will be advised of what treatment is suggested and a dental plan including timelines will be discussed. The type of appliance is determined by the nature of the condition and in some cases a variety of appliances may be used. They all work to achieve the same results by gradually moving your teeth to achieve a straight gapless result. Braces were the normal device used but modern innovations such as clear and invisible aligners are now available. Invisalign is one of the most recent designs to come to the market which is made of a clear material and is less visible. They use a series of trays that fit over the teeth and each tray is worn for a week before moving to another tray and each tray applies slightly different pressure moving your teeth millimeter by millimeter to the desired location. There are also appliances for jaw alignment and in extreme cases surgery may be required.

How long does it take

Each person is different so there is no one size fits all but when the treatment plan is discussed with you orthodontist Hampshire will provide you with estimated timelines so that you will have an idea of how long your treatment will take. Once the treatment is over you will be left with the smile you have always wanted and the ability to chew and eat comfortably.


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