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Orthodontics in Winchester

If you have any problems with teeth alignment, overbites, protruding or crowded teeth, then you may be looking for some orthodontic work. Our orthodontists in Hampshire can offer you friendly advice and make you feel relaxed and confident of your future smile. Give yourself a reason to grin from ear to ear with a new-found sense of confidence.

During an initial consultation, our orthodontists in Hampshire will be able to assess your dental requirements and then discuss the varying orthodontic options we can which will be suitable for you.

We offer treatments ranging from teeth whitening to teeth straightening. We can even remedy an overbite.

Overbites have been known to cause muscular pain as well as instigate headaches. One of the treatments for overbites is the Fixed Functional Appliance. This is a treatment which does not require any removal of permanent teeth or the use of headgear. The overbite is fixed while you are wearing your braces. The length of time will be determined on the severity of the overbite.

For misaligned teeth, the options are even greater. Whether you want clear braces or traditional metal braces. Even braces attached to the back side of your teeth is an option. Our orthodontists in Hampshire will be able to give you advice on which would be the most practical and comfortable braces for you to wear

Winchester Orthodontic Practice is proud to be a leading Invisalign braces provider in Hampshire. Invisalign has often been mistakenly spelt for Invisaline, but when you understand the concept behind the brace, it would be hard to misspell it again. “invisible aligning”… and the name says it all. These braces, or aligners, are made up of clear plastic so unnoticeable to the untrained eye, and that is only one of the many positives of Invisalign braces.

Another treatment your orthodontist may discuss with you is damon metal braces which cover a whole range of orthodontic treatments such as crowding, overbites, overjet (protruding front teeth), underbites etc. These braces are metal but smaller than your traditional metal braces. They also do not require the elastic or metal ties used on other braces.

So give our orthodontist in Hampshire a call and arrange a consultation to discuss your orthodontic options.


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