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Invisaline? Invisalign? What’s in a word?

If you have been searching online for Invisaline clear aligners and don’t get many results, it’s because the brand name is actually spelt Invisalign. And you get this revolutionary brand of teeth straighteners from your orthodontist in Hampshire, Winchester Orthodontics.

Can you see them? No, you can’t

If you are already searching online for these great invisible braces then you probably already know that once the aligners are put on over your teeth, they are very hard to spot. Maybe your mum or your partner will notice you are wearing them, but as you go through everyday life, it’s unlikely anyone else will.

This is because the transparent plastic from which Invisalign clear braces are made is so thin, only 0.3mm, that it hugs your teeth like an extra layer of enamel.

Hassle-free straightening

Do you also know that these transparent braces from the orthodontist in Hampshire are removable? You have to take them out every time you eat or drink something other than plain water.

This is so that the plastic does not discolour and become visible over your teeth. What it means for you though is that you can continue to eat whatever grabs you at mealtimes, which is always a good thing.

You do still have to clean your teeth after every meal or snack. But what people tend to find is that they indulge in less snacking to avoid having to brush and that they can actually lose some unwanted weight on Invisalign.

How to get Invisalign

The first thing to do is pick up the phone, or send an email, to book a free consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder. When you come in, she will check that Invisalign is right for you, take detailed measurements and send them off to the manufacturer in the USA.

When they come in, you will be fitted with the first one and then you work your way through the aligners, with regular checks with Suzette that your treatment is on track. On average, it takes about a year.

Come on in and find out more from your orthodontist in Hampshire.


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