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How the orthodontist in Hampshire can help you move forward

Are you used to looking in the mirror and judging a part of yourself, like your smile? Maybe you always try and cover your mouth, or you often think something like: ‘Wow, I look great, but I wish my teeth were straighter,’ or, ‘I wish that gap wasn’t there’. Don’t worry – this is a common issue and one that you don’t need to live with. A little help from the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics can help.

Why do your teeth look the way that they do?

The positions of our teeth are often determined by genetics, although there are some factors that can affect their positions while they are growing such as thumb-sucking, for example. You don’t need to feel any kind of shame around the way that your teeth look, regardless of the reason for it. Life happens, and things turn out the way that they do, but this doesn’t mean that you have to accept circumstances that you don’t like when there are things you can do to make a difference.

When you make an appointment with Winchester Orthodontics, you can feel proud that you are taking control of your situation and paying a visit to the orthodontist in Hampshire. You may find you get a boost in confidence just from making an appointment. We often find that we start getting a positive psychological response from simply being on the journey without having to wait until we get where we’re going.

What can we do?

At Winchester Orthodontics, we can create an individualised treatment plan that takes you from the smile you have to the one you want to see when you look in that mirror. This might include fixed braces, invisible braces, clear aligners or, in some cases, more traditional braces, depending on what we need to achieve. We also offer a teeth-whitening service, which you can take advantage of to show off your dazzling smile when your treatment is finished.

We provide you with plenty of information, excellent support and diligent aftercare, whichever treatment method you choose. At Winchester Orthodontics, we look forward to helping you move forward into a life that contains a brighter, better smile.


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