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How much do you know about orthodontics?

The term orthodontics is used to describe the dental treatment which focuses on the correction of any irregularities found in an individual’s teeth and/or jaws. This specialist area of dentistry uses appliances such as braces to correct and straighten teeth.

Orthodontic treatment can not only help to improve the functionality of a patient’s teeth, but the treatment can also improve their appearance. So if you are based in Hampshire and are either having problems with the functionality of your teeth or you would like to improve their appearance, why not visit our practice, Winchester Orthodontics?

Common reasons to visit an orthodontist in Hampshire

As mentioned earlier, orthodontic treatment refers to the area of dentistry which focuses on improving the functionality of a patient’s teeth as well as the appearance. If you have teeth which are either crooked or crowded, or you are having problems with your jaw and/or your bite, seeing an orthodontist would be beneficial for you.

If your teeth are too large or you have more teeth than your jaw can accommodate, you may experience crowded teeth, as they are not able to fit properly in the space available. This can in turn affect the functionality of your teeth and jaws.

An individual may also have multiple gaps in their teeth which can be detrimental to their dental health, as it is easier for bacteria to build up in these areas and if they are not cleaned properly it can lead to infection. Significant gaps in the teeth can also affect the speech of an individual, causing either a lisp or other impediment.

You may also be in need of orthodontic treatment if you have an uneven bite which can be caused by the following scenarios. It may be that your upper teeth are covering your lower teeth too much which results in a deep bite, or that your upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. There are also instances where an individual has an open bite. This is when a person closes their teeth but their tongue is still visible. This is because the upper and lower teeth do not close at the front of the mouth even though the back teeth meet.

There are also instances where the adult teeth of an individual fail to erupt or do not come through in the correct position. This is referred to as impacted teeth.

If you are currently experiencing any of of these dental issues or have a dental problem that you believe requires orthodontic treatment, you can book an appointment at Winchester Orthodontics to see a specialist orthodontist in Hampshire from our team, when we will be able to advise on whether you require orthodontic treatment or not.

How can my teeth be fixed?

So you may be wondering what an orthodontist in Hampshire can do to help fix such dental problems. As mentioned earlier, orthodontics employ dental appliances to help fix and correct a patient’s teeth and/or jaw. One of the main ways of doing this is by using braces.

Winchester Orthodontics has orthodontic treatments such as traditional metal braces, transparent braces such as Invisalign (sometimes misspelt as Invisaline), and clear braces just to name a few in a very wide range of appliances, which can help straighten and improve the functionality of a patient’s teeth, meaning that your dental health improves as well as the appearance of your teeth.


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