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How do you choose which braces to wear?

At Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we know that the key to a satisfactory dental treatment is good communication with our patients. We have a lot of knowledge to share about braces and the different options available to you but it is ultimately you who will make the decision about which braces to wear. It is our job to help you make an informed choice by giving you balanced information that takes into account all of the pertinent factors such as comfort, appearance and cost.

We offer a wide range of braces at our practice because we think that this gives you the freedom to choose what is most suitable for your lifestyle. When you visit Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we will listen to what you want and take a thorough look at your teeth so we can tailor your treatment to you. These are just a few of the options that are available.


Invisalign are a popular choice that involves fitting clear aligners over your teeth instead of fixed metal and brackets. These aligners are removable although you do still need to wear them for the majority of each day. You are given a series of aligners to take home and advised on how often to change them – usually every two weeks.

During the course of your treatment, you will continue to regularly visit your dentist at Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, so that we can check on your progress. The appointments will be a brief check-in.

Damon metal or clear braces

Although all teeth straightening methods work by putting pressure on the teeth in order to get them to move, the methods vary in the ways in which they achieve this. Damon braces use a slide mechanism that is attached to the teeth with brackets and adjusts as the teeth move. This means they are more comfortable and faster than traditional braces. You can opt to have the clear brackets which are less obtrusive than metal ones.

When you choose Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, you can consider these options alongside traditional methods, lingual braces and options for the teenagers in your life.


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