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Can an orthodontist give me a healthy bite?

The primary objective of our orthodontist Hampshire is to ensure that you have a healthy bite, this will allow you to masticate your food productively and comfortably. When delivering orthodontic treatment it is our aspiration that the treatment we administer will result in our patients achieving functional and stable teeth and correct facial musculature. Achieving our primary objective of teeth that are functioning well will naturally result in the patient looking better and feeling more confident when they smile. This single objective results in numerous benefits to patients, being able to eat correctly, look good, breathe properly and enjoy unimpeded swallowing.

Common reasons to seek treatment

Reasons to visit an orthodontist include having an overcrowded mouth or gapping between teeth, needing to align the upper and lower arches, needing to correct the bite, or eliminate the risks of damaging prominent teeth. More common in older patients who have had gum disease, a problem that occurs is teeth drifting, which needs to be reversed. Creating a more appealing smile is the most common aesthetic treatment and one we will help our patients achieve.

What will happen at my primary appointment

Your dentist will have suggested an orthodontic appointment having carried out a thorough examination and they will decide whether to recommend additional treatment. At your first appointment with our orthodontist Hampshire you can expect an oral examination, followed by a detailed set of photographs of your entire face and your smile.Technology now allows us to conduct a full panoramic scan of the entire head and face and also some impressions allowing for moulds to be created. Analysis of the results of these various examinations will determine how your treatment will proceed.

What type of treatments can be prescribed?

Depending on what the initial examination has revealed, treatment can vary from surgery to the use of dental appliances or both. Patients who present with pronounced over or underbites may require lengthening or shortening of the jaw. This kind of treatment is usually reserved for adults who have stopped growing. A variety of implements such as wires, screws and plates are used to achieve the desired results. Where less invasive treatment can be employed we will use braces and aligners to gently coax your teeth into alignment.

Results that can be expected

Treatment is expected to result in numerous benefits such as improving not only the bite, but improving eating, speaking and swallowing. Teeth separating will make cleaning easier helping prevent tooth decay.

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from jaw pain you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder. This can be as a result of an accident or teeth grinding, arthritis or even stress. The result is that the hinge connecting your jaw to your temporal bone can cause severe and continuous pain. We will have detected this during your examination and the necessary treatment to correct this will be carried out eliminating the pain and discomfort.

Function over aesthetics

The ultimate decision is always made by the patient, but it is always recommended that it is better to make use of orthodontics to straighten teeth and correct defects first which will eventually result in cosmetic improvements.We as an orthodontist Hampshire will guide you every step of the way, always with your well-being both physically and mentally in mind.


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