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Different types of braces with our orthodontist Hampshire

Orthodontics has advanced significantly over the last few decades, with much research and development being carried out in this field of dentistry. Here at Winchester Orthodontics we are finalists of the 2019 Dentistry Awards and our orthodontist Hampshire is highly experienced in correcting misalignment issues of the teeth to help you improve your smile. Our aim is to assist you in enjoying a happy and healthy smile and we have different types of braces to suit different dental needs. Visit our website to find out what we have to offer and learn more about how we have helped thousands of patients correct the misalignment issues of their teeth and enjoy a beautiful healthy smile. We are here to help you too.

Each smile is unique and has individual orthodontic issues. You may have mild or moderate misalignment issues which can be addressed using removable braces or you may have complicated orthodontic issues which require fixed braces. You will undergo a smile assessment here at the practice to identify the issues that are affecting the alignment of your teeth. Our orthodontist Hampshire will then be able to decide which type of brace is most suitable for you.

Our range of braces is designed to address your dental needs using modern and discreet methods. This is because the majority of adults are reluctant to undergo traditional orthodontic braces that, although highly efficient, are also highly visible during the treatment. Modern orthodontic braces are designed to be invisible in the mouth or match with your natural dentition to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your teeth.


For mild or moderate misalignment issues we recommend Invisalign aligners. These are clear thermoplastic aligners which can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary and straighten your teeth by applying gradual pressure to push the teeth into a neater formation. Invisalign is a highly popular choice of teeth straightening. The aligners work as a series and are designed to be worn in the mouth for approximately 20 hours of the day for 2 weeks at a time and then you will move onto the next aligner in the series until you have achieved the smile that you are looking for. This process takes from 6 months to 18 months depending on your dental requirements.

Damon braces

For those patients who suffer from significant orthodontic issues we offer fixed Damon braces, these are an excellent alternative to traditional orthodontic braces. Damon braces work in the same way as traditional orthodontic braces, consisting of brackets and wires which are attached to the surface of the teeth to help pull them into a neater formation. The difference between Damon braces and traditional orthodontic braces is that they are designed to be more discreet in the mouth. They are a popular choice of teeth straightening especially amongst adults and although treatment times vary, clinical studies have shown that Damon braces are approximately 6 months quicker at teeth straightening than traditional orthodontic braces. Speak to our orthodontist Hampshire today and find out which types of braces are most suitable for addressing your dental needs. Begin your treatment as soon as possible and enjoy a happy and healthy smile very soon.


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