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Your teeth, only lined up properly

Although in years gone by, dentists were very keen to remove teeth, and sometimes would even take out entire mouths of healthy teeth and replace them with dentures, today the focus is very much on ‘teeth for life’. What this means in practice is that research and development goes into ways to make sure that people can get to the end of their lives with as many of their natural teeth as possible.

However, for those of us with wonky teeth, which is most of us, this can be a challenge. Teeth that don’t line up properly are much harder to keep free from plaque, that sticky film of bacteria that builds up on teeth, and releases acid that causes tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can make you lose your teeth.

Now though, at Winchester Orthodontics, we find we are helping more and more adults straighten out their wonky teeth so that they can hang onto them for as long as possible and feel good about how they look too. When adults come to see the orthodontist in Winchester, we find they have different needs from teens who need teeth straightening.

That’s why our Winchester orthodontist might ask you questions about your lifestyle. They may at first seem to have nothing to with getting your teeth straightened, but our Winchester orthodontist is trained to know which system of braces will work best for which lifestyle and budget.

One of our most popular systems is called Invisalign, although some people write Invisaline when they are searching for a provider online.

What is Invisalign?

This revolutionary system of straightening gets rid of unsightly brackets and wires and instead uses very thin transparent mouth guard-style aligners that disappear from view when they are snapped on over the teeth. Instead of using wire-tightening to pull the teeth into alignment, Invisalign aligners have carefully positioned pressure points that nudge the teeth along. You wear a series of aligners, which also have the advantage of being removable for eating and cleaning.

To find out more why not book a consultation with our Winchester orthodontist today?


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