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Your Hampshire orthodontist is here to help

There are lots of secret ways to make yourself look slimmer, taller, broader or curvaceous. It’s all about picking the right clothes; for example for that slim look, go with vertical lines and darker colours. When it comes to your teeth, you may be under the impression that there is no secret way to straighten them out and give your smile a new look. Well, you’d be wrong. Today there is a whole range of clear braces designed with discretion in mind. At Winchester Orthodontics our Hampshire orthodontist is trained in quite a few of them, so you get to take your pick with our advice and guidance.

Forget the elastics

Traditional fixed braces are quite a mouthful, you’ve got metal brackets and wires and on top of all of that elastics too. With the Damon system of braces there is one less thing for you to contend with: its innovative design means there is no need for elastics. What’s more, if you opt for Damon clear braces, then your brackets will be clear, making your braces even less conspicuous.

Where did they go?

Another overhaul of traditional fixed metal braces happened with the advent of lingual braces. When our Hampshire orthodontist gets to work on fixing these onto your teeth, she won’t be putting them on the fronts of your teeth but instead onto the backs, adjacent to your tongue. This means they will be completely hidden from onlookers, unless they plan on getting very up close and personal.

Not even braces

Invisalign clear braces, often misspelt Invisaline when popped into Google, aren’t really braces at all. They are a series of removable, clear aligners that our Hampshire orthodontist will have custom-made to straighten your teeth. You’ll need to take them out when you eat and drink, with the only exception being when you glug some water. Although it might sound like a hassle, you’ll actually find it means you avoid mindless snacking and can enjoy your meals without worrying about food getting stuck in your braces.

Get in touch

These aren’t the only braces we have on offer. So get in touch with our Hampshire orthodontist Suzette Mulder, to find out what else we’ve got for you.


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