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Winning smiles

The alignment of your teeth can affect your oral health as well as your dental aesthetics. Misaligned bites put extra strain on the jaw, while crooked teeth can be difficult to keep properly clean. At Winchester Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to optimise the positioning of your teeth. Our experienced Hampshire orthodontist can improve your dental function as well as your smile, using contemporary technology and finely-honed skills.

What can a Hampshire orthodontist offer?

Everybody’s dental needs are different. Our tooth realignment options range from hidden braces and clear braces through to aligners like Invisalign. The complexity of your needs, and your preferences as a patient, will determine which of these treatments is the most appropriate. Our modern dental practice provides a relaxing environment in which you can consider your options.

With Invisalign (often wrongly spelled ‘Invisaline’), our Hampshire orthodontist will take detailed measurements of your teeth and produce a series of customised aligners. You’ll wear a set of these transparent plastic aligners for 7-10 days before moving on to the next one in the series. You can take them out of your mouth when you need to brush your teeth or eat. When treatment is complete, after 12 months or longer, you’ll have a more appealing smile, and teeth that do their jobs better than ever.

Invisible braces

If your situation requires braces that are fixed to your teeth for the duration of your treatment, we can give you a discreet and comfortable treatment. Invisible braces are affixed to the backs of the teeth, which makes them very discreet. While they get to work applying gentle pressure to bring your teeth into an improved alignment, they’ll remain unnoticed by all but the nosiest observers.

We can also offer clear braces, which are worn over all of your teeth. Popular with adults who want to minimise the social discomfort associated with tooth realignment, our treatments look after your feelings while they enhance your dental capabilities.

Time frame

It will take some time and patience for any treatment to reach its full potential. Our Hampshire orthodontist can assure you that, once the braces come off, you’ll spend many years enjoying the life-enhancing results.


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