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Winchester Orthodontics is our name and orthodontics is our game

All we want to do here at Winchester Orthodontics is straighten teeth. Straighten teeth and realign jawbones. Having a misaligned jawbone has the potential to cause stress to the jaw and neck muscles which over time can create more problems. The entire body is interconnected and if one motion is out of sync, it has the potential to affect movements in other parts of the body. We want our patients to have leave our practice in perfect synergy and a relaxed whole being.

What you can expect from our practice is an orthodontist in Hampshire who is renowned for their experience, professionalism but above all, their friendly and welcoming manner. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed under our care. We also want you to be able to make an informed and confident decision so during your first initial consultation, your orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to assess your teeth and then discuss in detail which treatments would be appropriate for your dental needs

Our orthodontist in Hampshire is here to transform your smile. With the use of modern technology, photos and x-rays, your orthodontist will be able to ascertain how your teeth lie and what procedures can be undertaken to remedy the situation. There are several braces and aligners that can be used. The advances in this field have been astounding. Braces and aligners can be used that are nearly invisible to the untrained eye.

An orthodontist in Hampshire can offer you treatments using aligners or braces, metal or clear braces, lingual braces that fix behind the teeth or even the traditional ‘retro’ metal braces.

A treatment using aligners is Invisalign. This is a removable, totally translucent, plastic aligner that slips comfortably over your teeth, moving them into place. The great thing about Invisalign is that you can’t see it, and also you take it out to eat.

Lingual braces are similar to that of traditional braces but, as stated above, are affixed behind the teeth, rendering them completely invisible.

And of course, you can’t beat the old ‘retro’ metal braces for certain alignment issues. These can now be jazzed up with the use of funky, bright-coloured elastics for that bit of extra fun.


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