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Winchester Orthodontics and an orthodontist in Hampshire

Many people in the UK suffer from crooked teeth or have some other reason to have their teeth realigned. Winchester Orthodontics, an orthodontist Hampshire, may be able to provide you with the right solution should you require your teeth to be straightened.

About the practice

Winchester Orthodontics,an orthodontist Hampshire, has been situated to offer easy access to the practice from all parts of the county, making it ideally placed to serve a wider part of the local community.

The practice is warm and welcoming, offering an informal atmosphere for adults and children who are patients. The staff take pride in being friendly and approachable, in making sure they listen to your needs and concerns, so they can offer you the best possible care experience.

The waiting room is designed to be comfortable and relaxing, with a television display system showing interesting information about local events and theatre shows, alongside details of the practice and its achievements. This allows the practice to offer an information portal that can distribute helpful community information.

The team is led by Dr Suzette Mulder, who has a real passion for her work as an orthodontist. She has also hand-selected her team to complement her passion for her work. All the staff are fully qualified to carry out their roles within the practice, they include orthodontic nurses, a patient coordinator and a practice manager and receptionist.

Dr Suzette Mulder is fully up to date with the latest thought and techniques in the world of orthodontics, this fact alone leads her to believe that Winchester Orthodontics, an orthodontist Hampshire truly is the best practice for treatment that it can be.

Why would you need an orthodontist?

It is quite common for people to have misaligned teeth, this is one of the most common oral problems in the UK amongst all age groups. An orthodontist is a specialist in dealing with these types of problems, by using orthodontic devices such as braces to align your teeth.

In the past, many potential clients have been reluctant to engage with tooth alignment services, as they felt the wearing of braces would make them self-conscious and lead to them becoming a target for ridicule. However, with advances in technology, this need not be the case anymore.

With the introduction of modern clear braces, the days of other people being able to easily spot you wearing braces are long gone. The clear braces are designed in a way that they become almost invisible to the eyes of others looking right at you. This means you will no longer feel the need to hide the fact you are wearing braces and will feel at your best when you smile.

Improve your smile

If your teeth are misaligned, we would encourage you to contact the practice, we are here to help you improve your oral health and your smile. Our friendly staff are always happy to talk to you about your specific needs and want to find the right solution to meet them, always working in consultation with you, so we can get the results you desire.


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