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Why your orthodontist in Hampshire would recommend Invisalign

When it comes to restoring your smile we have a number of unique treatments available to suit a range of needs. One particular procedure our orthodontics team may suggest are our transparent braces, or Invisalign as it’s more commonly known, to sort out your toothy troubles.

Here is a little background information on why exactly your orthodontist in Hampshire may recommend this treatment.

What are these transparent braces?

Invisalign, or Invisaline as some may accidently Google it as, is essentially a transparent mouthguard that we use to slowly realign your teeth in the same way an ordinary brace would. It’s comprised of a see-through plastic material and unlike a standard aligner it can be removed whenever you like.

Although, it should only be taken out for brushing your teeth, eating meals or cleaning the appliance, as you need to keep it in your mouth for at least 22 hours a day to ensure the treatment goes through uninterrupted.

When it may be used

Your orthodontist in Hampshire will normally recommend invisible braces as a way to correct crooked teeth, sort issues surrounding an over or under bite or to help lessen the symptoms of bruxism as it acts as a barrier between your upper and lower jaw as it grinds together.

Will fitting the clear braces be painful?

A fairly common question our patients have about upcoming treatments involving orthodontics is if there is going to be any pain involved. With the braces there isn’t really any major discomfort as there’s no dental goop to cause gagging reflex and we normally just scan your teeth to produce a custom moulded brace.

You may encounter a little pain or ‘pressure’ in your mouth after wearing the appliance for a few days. This is because your teeth are being forcefully moved around, so it can get a little uncomfortable. To counter this we recommend using shop bought painkillers when appropriate to lessen these symptoms. At Winchester Orthodontics our team will fit your new Invisalign braces with minimal discomfort and fuss as they start you on the road to a straighter and stronger smile.

How to keep it clean

Once you leave the practice with your new brace your primary concern should be on keeping it clean, because as you wear it plaque and bacteria can start to build up on the surface of the retainer, this could then transfer to your teeth and cause all sorts of problems. To avoid this just give it a light scrubbing with a dentist recommended cleaning solution at least once every other day before rinsing it off and leaving it to dry in a hard body container, to keep it safe and sterile between uses.

Hopefully this has helped to clear up a few things about our see-through braces. If you would like to learn how you can benefit from this particular procedure, or to schedule your own fitting right away then just get in touch with our team at the practice to start your journey towards a straighter smile.


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