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Why you need to have straight teeth

Straight teeth are not just a beauty aspiration, they are more likely to remain healthy for longer. This is why parents are so keen to see their children get their teeth straightened, and also why they send them to see the orthodontist in Hampshire.

At Winchester Orthodontics, our resident orthodontist and practice owner is Dr Suzette Mulder. She is a highly experienced orthodontist in Hampshire and has successfully completed more than 4,300 orthodontic cases.

Suzette has a variety of orthodontic appliances to hand and when you come to her for a consultation, she will have the skills and experience to be able to recommend the one that is exactly right for you.

A discreet teeth straightening solution

Many people come in asking for Invisalign (or even Invisaline, as it is often misspelled). This way of straightening teeth uses very thin clear plastic aligners that snap on over the teeth and, in doing so, become as good as invisible. The aligners are made using detailed measurements sent by your orthodontist in Hampshire to a lab in the USA, where a series of aligners are 3D printed.

You wear each aligner for between one and two weeks before moving on to the next in the series. The secret to how they work lies in the carefully planned and positioned pressure points inside each aligner. These press on the teeth to nudge them gradually into alignment, step by step. It will probably take somewhere between 12–24 months to complete treatment.

More options to explore

Invisalign does not work in every case, but there are other discreet ways of straightening teeth on hand at Winchester Orthodontics. For complex cases, we can recommend lingual braces. These are bracket and wire braces, which are always best for complex cases. However, lingual braces are fixed to the inside surfaces of the teeth, next to the tongue. Their location means that they are completely hidden from view.

The best way to find out which kind of braces treatment is best for you is to come and have a consultation with the orthodontist in Hampshire. You can ask lots of questions and talk things through before deciding what to go for in terms of treatment.


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