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Why would your orthodontist in Hampshire offer you clear braces?

If you choose to visit the orthodontist in Hampshire, or you are referred to them by your regular dentist, this is usually because there is an issue with the alignment of your teeth.

When you visit Winchester Orthodontics, we have a range of teeth-straightening options to offer you. Once we have talked to you about your needs and examined the conditions in your mouth, we let you know which methods you can choose from. If you are looking for an aesthetically low-impact method, you might be able to work with clear braces. This is a term that is applied to any braces where the manufacturer has tried to ensure that they are discreet. These are ideal if your main concern, when thinking about your teeth-straightening treatment, is that it could compromise your look for quite a while during treatment.

Types of clear braces

There are several different clear braces that you can choose from when you work with the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics.

  • Invisalign – sometimes incorrectly spelt as ‘Invisaline’, this teeth-straightening method is popular with patients who want to be able to remove their equipment when they eat or for special moments. Each patient’s treatment is based on a series of clear aligners that gradually move the teeth into a straight, evenly-spaced line. Each aligner is shaped a bit like a very thin mouth guard that sits snugly against the teeth. You can see your teeth clearly through the aligner. This is the reason that they are known as clear braces;

  • Damon Clear Braces – a lot of the improvement to orthodontic equipment in the last few decades has been focused on its appearance. The results have led to solutions like Damon Clear Braces. These are like traditional braces in that they are fixed to the teeth and can apply a significant and effective amount of pressure. However, the brackets are much smaller than they would have been years ago. The materials that these braces are made from are chosen so that they do not stand out as much against the surfaces of the teeth. The brackets and clear and the wires are coated in a tooth-coloured material.


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