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Why realigning your teeth today can help you in the long run?

Correcting uneven teeth is often seen as a cosmetic dental procedure, but this could not be further from the truth. Even if your teeth are slightly misaligned an orthodontist in Hampshire could still recommend a treatment to realign your teeth.

Teeth that are crooked, cluttered, or gapped can be difficult to clean, brush, and floss. And without cleaning our teeth properly, plaque build-up can quickly lead to decay, and if they are too cluttered, then it is almost impossible to see the decay. Realigning your teeth could prevent a whole lot of pain, invasive oral surgery, and financial troubles later down the line. We want to help you avoid this as much as possible.

Why choose Winchester Orthodontics?

Uneven teeth can also make it difficult for people to talk or chew, specifically overbites and underbites. Aligning your teeth with the help of your orthodontist in Hampshire could drastically change your life. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we have the track record and patient testimonials to prove it. Our orthodontist in Hampshire is experienced, skilled, and ready to help you smile your way through life.

What are your treatment options?

Our team offers a few different treatment options to fit with every patients’ budget needs, time frame, and overall desire for their smile. Not every patient wants the same thing, can afford the same thing, has the same pain tolerance, or the same time frame. That is why setting up a consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire will be important before beginning any treatment plan.

We offer traditional metal bracket braces, which require metal brackets to be glued directly on the teeth, then a wire is laced through each one and it slowly tightened to move the teeth into the desired position. OR there are lingual braces, which are metal braces placed on the inside of one’s smile. And last but not least, Invisalign, which are clear aligners which slowly move the teeth into the desired position.

Book a consultation today!

If you are interested in straightening your smile this year, please set up a consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire. Our team is eager to help you achieve your dream smile.


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