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Why choose our orthodontist in Hampshire?

At our dental clinic within Hampshire we strive to deliver a high standard of dental care for all of our new, and pre-registered dental patients. Our dental clinic has treated over five thousand orthodontic cases within the local surrounding area, we are an in-house specialist orthodontic practice and boast over twenty years of dental experience.

Finding the right dental clinic for you..

As your orthodontist in Hampshire we understand that it can be difficult choosing the right dental clinic for yourself, which is why we strive to stand out from the rest. Our dental surgery was nominated for the 2019 dentistry awards! We believe this exemplifies our excellent standard of dental care at Winchester Orthodontics.

Your future dental results

Located on our home page we display a wide array of patient results (before and after their orthodontic treatment), we believe this can give our new patients a glimpse at their potential smile. If you are interested in receiving orthodontic work at our clinic, then feel free to visit our website and see how our experienced dental team could help achieve any aspirations for your smile.

Take a look at our patient testimonials

As an orthodontist in Hampshire not only do we display case studies of patients who have received treatment at our practice, but we also post a wide array of patient testimonials. Our patient testimonials are reviews from individuals who have previously received dental care with our orthodontist. We believe our patient testimonials are a true reflection of the fantastic dental service we provide, however we encourage our patients to look for themselves!

The exceptional dental service we offer

Our dental practice is easily accessible for all patients, we are situated within the heart of Hampshire and aim to create a comfortable and modern dental environment for all.

Our dental team is handpicked in order to complement Suzette’s beliefs (our specialist orthodontist), every member of our clinic is fully capable of offering sound dental advice, in a kind and caring way.

What to expect from your patient journey

Many of our nervous patients, or any patient who is looking to receive dental treatment at our clinic, may appreciate knowing what to expect from their treatment journey, which is why we display a step by step guide on our modern dental website.

A welcoming reception from our dental team

Our experienced dental team strives to welcome all of our patients the moment they walk through the door, we always ask our patients to complete a medical questionnaire, this ensures our records are fully up to date. After you have completed your medical form you will be formally introduced to our specialist orthodontist. Suzette will assess your unique dental case thoroughly, tending to any dental concerns or questions you may have. Once your oral examination is complete we can start to plan your treatment!

A treatment plan tailor-made for you

Our treatment coordinator has had many years of experience attuning dental plans to each of our patients, she will answer any questions you may have, in addition to informing you of the dental fees to expect.

The final step

Once your appointment has finished we always send our patients a physical copy of their consultation, our free consultations last around 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the treatment you wish to receive.


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