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Why choose Invisalign with our orthodontist in Hampshire

You have probably heard of Invisalign – or Invisaline as some people erroneously call it. If you are an adult with moderately crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth, but you don’t want to wear metal braces, then Invisalign clear braces may be the right option for you.

At Winchester Orthodontics, we understand that not many patients like the idea of metal braces due to various cosmetic and practical considerations. For this reason, we offer Invisalign, an innovative treatment with transparent braces that will help straighten your teeth effectively but more importantly, discreetly. With our orthodontist in Hampshire, you can rest assured that your teeth will look good when your treatment is complete and your treatment itself won’t be conspicuous.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that uses a series of clear, customisable, removable aligners that fit into your mouth much like a mouth guard. Invisalign aligners are easy to wear since they fit snugly over your teeth without hurting your gums. They are made with the aid of 3D technology, which enables your dentist to predict the movement of your teeth over a prescribed period of time.

Once you start wearing them, you will have to replace the aligners with the next one in the series until all your teeth gradually move to their right positions. Invisalign aligners are removable but they must be worn at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment. Though each patient is unique, average treatment time for Invisalign is 12 to 18 months.

Benefits of Invisalign clear braces

Invisalign offers a number of benefits compared to traditional braces. Clear aligners are barely noticeable as opposed to metal brackets and wires. They are removable meaning you can take them out for eating and cleaning your teeth. More importantly, they are comfortable to wear and do not require much maintenance or regular adjustments.

Am I eligible?

Although Invisalign can improve both the appearance and function of your teeth, the treatment is not right for everyone. If you have severe alignment issues, you may be better suited to traditional braces.

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