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Which braces from the orthodontist in Hampshire

People who are considering consulting with the orthodontist in Hampshire may wonder about what kind of braces are the best choice. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we have numerous options for teeth straightening that include Invisalign and fixed braces. This is a quick guide to some of the different kinds of braces available and should help when it comes to having a consultation with us.


Invisalign is the brand name for invisible braces and is chosen by many of our patients because of its transparent nature. This makes them a great option for adults who don’t necessarily want their work colleagues and friends to be aware that they are having orthodontic treatment. Invisible braces are also a popular choice for teenagers who are self-conscious, and who don’t want their braces to be noticeable in those all-important selfies.

These braces are removed for eating, which means that there aren’t any restrictions on what the patient can and can’t eat. It’s also easier to keep the teeth and gums clean, as it is recommended to brush thoroughly after meals before putting the aligners back in. It’s simply a matter of maintaining a good oral care routine, rather than having to make any alterations to it.

There are less trips to the orthodontist for the patient being treated with clear braces. This is because rather than the braces having to be manually adjusted, it’s a simple case of changing the aligner trays every few weeks as the teeth change position.

Fixed braces

One of the greatest advantages of fixed braces is that they can be used to correct almost any kind of misalignment of the teeth. Clear braces are often only suitable for more moderate cases, but fixed braces can be used for even the most severe cases of malocclusion.

Unlike treatment like Invisalign, fixed braces do not require special reserves of self-discipline in terms of ensuring they are worn. Because clear braces can be removed, some patients find that the temptation to do this more often than they should is too great, and they do not get the results that they were hoping for at the end of treatment. Wearing fixed braces presents no such issue, as there is no option for removal.

Fixed braces can give the patient a better result. This is because they can be more effective at moving the teeth into the best possible position. The expected results from Invisalign can be more limited.

It is possible to get fixed braces and enjoy all the benefits they bring without having to make it obvious to others that the patient is undergoing treatment. This can be done using lingual braces, which are positioned behind the teeth. They are customised to fit each individual tooth, making them highly effective, while being invisible to the outside world at the same time.

An individual choice

There are pros and cons to both clear aligners and fixed braces. The best option for the patient is very much an individual choice, with the advice of your orthodontist in Hampshire being an important consideration.


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