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Where should I go for an orthodontist in Hampshire?

Look no further than Winchester Orthodontics, the dental practice where we answer your most frequent questions on orthodontics. We use our extensive knowledge accumulated during twenty years of experience, with over five thousand cases, as well as our in-house orthodontist, to ensure patient satisfaction. Winchester Orthodontics, as a dental practice, has achieved prestigious status as last year’s 2019 finalist in dentistry awards. This achievement is a reflection of our success in giving patients a consistently high quality of service. Here, your orthodontist in Hampshire helps you choose what is right for you.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

A common question from patients; orthodontists and dentists both try to help improve a patient’s dental health, however an orthodontist is trained in dentistry focusing on the bite, occlusion, and straightness of teeth. Your orthodontist in Hampshire will focus on helping you to achieve the smile you want to display to the world.

What are the treatments like?

Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we offer many different types of treatment customised to fit our patients’ needs. One of our main advantages as a practice is the full range of braces we offer. We have hidden appliances, which make treatment hardly noticeable, like our lingual braces where the metal brackets are placed behind the front teeth.

Another option for discreet dental treatment are transparent braces. Our clear Damon braces operate in a similar manner to traditional metal brackets, but are self-ligating, meaning no rubber bands. Damon braces are a fast treatment lasting sometimes as little as six months, with truly remarkable results.

Additionally, we have clear aligners which have even been dubbed ‘invisible’ by some! These include the thoroughly popular Invisalign, which is commonly misspelt as Invisaline. Invisalign are custom-fitted clear aligners worn in a specific order dictated by sophisticated 3D technology, to determine each tooth’s precise movement over a period of months. They look similar to a retainer, but instead of just wearing them during the night you wear them in the day as well. This means you have the freedom to take out your plastic tray aligners when you want to eat, or brush and floss your teeth. If by chance you are afraid your time spent eating means that you don’t have the trays in for the recommended 22 hours, then there is also the Invisalign Teen option. This keeps track of how long you wear them, by little blue dots that fade over two weeks if you are wearing them correctly.

How do I know which treatment will suit me?

It is perfectly normal to be unsure of what your specific needs are; after all, we are the dentists. But rest assured we treat a wide range of dental and cosmetic irregularities, from complicated misalignments to teeth whitening.

If you still have any questions about our orthodontic services or are just seeking more information, why not take a look at our website to explore your various options. There you will be able to find more information on what different types of treatments we have on offer and which one could be right for you.


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