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When to get braces

One of the questions our orthodontist in Hampshire gets asked most frequently is, ‘When should my child first be examined for braces?’. Here, at Winchester Orthodontics we believe the best time for orthodontic appliances depends on the type of dental problem you may have and its severity. Our orthodontists recommend that every child has an orthodontic evaluation at the time their permanent teeth are starting to erupt.

The timing of visiting your orthodontist in Hampshire for braces is important. An early dental examination will allow us to identify problems and determine when to treat them for the best results with the least time and expense.

For many patients, early treatment can successfully achieve results that may be impossible to obtain once the face and jaws have completed their growth. In addition to this, early orthodontic intervention makes the completion of treatment at a later age easier.

Your orthodontist in Hampshire will check your child periodically while the permanent teeth erupt and the face and jaws continue to grow. At the initial consultation, the following will be evaluated: your child’s facial growth, excess spacing between teeth, crowding, crooked teeth, extra or missing teeth and habits that may affect growth and dental development; such as tongue thrusting and thumb-sucking.

It’s time to smile

Finally, the importance of a healthy smile should never be underestimated no matter what your age. A pleasing appearance is a vital asset to many of our patients’ self-confidence. We find that self-esteem often improves, as treatment brings teeth, lips and face into harmony. In this way, teeth straightening can be beneficial to social and career success and improve one’s general attitude towards life.

What options are available

If a subtle approach to teeth straightening is required then we are happy to offer Invisalign. It is pronounced ‘Invisaline’ and is a very popular choice with many of our patients.

We also offer lingual braces for a hidden look to your brace procedure. Your orthodontist in Hampshire will attach the brace to the back of the teeth, which make them look almost invisible when you smile. This highly advanced and modern procedure makes lingual orthodontics particularly well-suited for our adult patients who have more major dental issues.


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