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What Your Orthodontist Can Do For You

Have you been wondering if you could benefit from some assistance from your orthodontist Hampshire? We at Winchester Orthodontics have put together a guide on all how we can help you. We’re a patient-led practice, always putting the needs and health of our patients first. We believe every single person has the right to feel happy and confident in their smile and want to do all we can to ensure all the patients we see end up with the smile of their dreams. Here are just some of the ways in which we can help.

What Does An Orthodontist Hampshire Do?

An orthodontist Hampshire provides patients with help surrounding the look of their teeth; this includes any gaps, overlaps, overcrowding or bite issues. For the most part, what we do is for cosmetic purposes, but there are other more practical reasons one might opt for orthodontic work.

We work with patients to understand exactly what it is that they’re unhappy with in their smile and find pathways to achieve the look they want. Usually, this will be done through an orthodontic appliance, more commonly known as braces. Braces come in all different shapes and sizes just like people, and our job is to match your smile up with the right brace.

Finding The Right Brace For You

When discovering the right system for you, we will look at the whole picture. Your medical history, goals and lifestyle. Age plays a big role in which orthodontics route we’ll go down, and young people are far more likely to be treatable with fixed wired braces than adults. We find that the lifestyle of adults isn’t well tuned for visible braces, whereas children don’t seem to mind so much.

In some cases, it might well be that the person just needs to opt for a fixed brace system because their orthodontic needs are complex and require the extra strength of wired braces.

What Are The Health Benefits of Orthodontics

What we find being orthodontic specialists is that lots of people don’t understand the benefits of having straight teeth that go beyond just the way their smiles look. In fact, there are lots of important health benefits to having straighter teeth.

Straight Teeth = Healthier Teeth

Yup, that’s true, straight teeth are, in fact, healthier teeth all around; this is because the straighter your teeth, the easier they are to clean. Cleaning our teeth well is probably the single most important thing we can do when thinking about protecting long-term oral health. Straight teeth allow us to better get between them and remove plaque and tartar, which is essential for reducing the chance of developing decay and gum disease, which are still the two leading causes of tooth loss in the UK.

Straight Teeth = Better Jaw Health

The health of our jaws isn’t really something we ever tend to think too much about, but we would argue it’s a mistake. Poor jaw alignment can cause grinding, tension and migraines which is why it’s important to get it corrected.


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