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What the orthodontist in Hampshire wants you to know about metal braces

Here at Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, we offer treatment via a range of several different options. You can get Invisalign, hidden braces and more – but what about the traditional metal braces that most of us associate with getting your teeth straightened? What are they exactly, how do they work and how should you care for your braces and teeth during treatment? Read on to find out what the orthodontist in Hampshire wants you to know about your metal braces…

What are metal braces?

This form of orthodontic treatment has been around the longest and it’s the option that most of us think of when we consider braces. They are composed of metal brackets in the shape of squares – these are affixed to the teeth using special dental cement so that they can remain on the teeth for the duration of treatment. A wire is fed through these brackets and held in place with elastics, which can be offered in a choice of different colours.

How are the braces fitted?

Getting metal braces fitted is relatively straightforward. Before we start, the teeth need to be really clean and dry to the touch. To achieve this, we apply a special product to the teeth. This is then washed away and the teeth are dried. We use suction during this process to prevent the front of the teeth absorbing any moisture.

After we have cleaned and dried your teeth, we apply the small square brackets that are an essential component of this treatment. We use special glue to affix them, before threading a wire through each and attaching with elastic bands. During the period of treatment, the wires will slowly return to their arch shape, pulling the teeth back gradually as they do so. Once the treatment has been completed, the teeth have been pulled into the most desirable position – and will now appear to be straight.

What happens after you’ve had the brace fitted?

After you have had your appliance installed, it’s a matter of getting on with your life with a few minor adjustments. You’ll need to come back to see the orthodontist in Hampshire every few weeks – usually around eight to twelve weeks. This allows us to check the progress of the treatment and adjust the wires as needed. After each of these appointments, you may experience a little discomfort as the teeth are moved closer to the desired position – but this is all part of the process of getting your perfect smile!

Does it hurt?

Metal braces are generally well tolerated by most of our patients. As we explained, you may find your mouth is a little sore after having your braces adjusted. However, it is easy to remedy this by taking ordinary painkillers – and any discomfort you experience shouldn’t last longer than a day or two. If you’re in any doubt about this, please contact us so that we can have another look to make sure that all is well. Any discomfort or irritation is usually well worth the results when your braces are removed!


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