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What is teeth whitening?

Occasionally, teeth can gradually become discoloured and stained due to the things that we consume. These can be sugary products such as fizzy drinks or sweets. Taking a lot of tea or caffeinated products such as coffee can eventually leave a brown coloured stain on the teeth too. This also applies to those who smoke as this causes the teeth to turn to a yellow tone. We at Winchester Orthodontics provide a treatment that will solve this. Our teeth whitening procedure can eliminate any signs of damage done to the teeth due to the products consumed. Therefore, this will enhance the appearance of your teeth and brighten areas that have surface marks. It is significant to identify that this treatment will only change the colour of the natural tooth and does not have an effect on a filling, crown or veneer. If you are interested in a tooth whitening process do not hesitate to book an appointment with our orthodontist Hampshire.

A tooth whitening gel is provided inside the trays which are created in order to be placed in the mouth overnight for a required amount of time, to achieve the desired result.

The results of this procedure are fast and have longer durability then most whitening treatments. Teeth whitening is shown not to cause harm to the teeth when done properly supervised and the trays can be used again later to top up on the end result.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has many benefits such as improving the brightness of a smile which enhances an individual's appearance. Its aesthetic benefits increase an individual's self- confidence and encourages smiling much more often.

Fast treatment

Many other dental procedures require a lot more time, however teeth whitening tends to be a fast paced treatment. Our orthodontist Hampshire can whiten an individual's teeth in approximately an hour.

Safe treatment

It is common for many purchased whitening remedies available over the counter to damage the gums. These remedies also tend to make your teeth increase their sensitivity to anything that gets into the mouth. A professional in the dental field will not use harmful products that may damage your teeth or gums.

In terms of safety, a patient will also be given advice on the maintenance of their teeth and how to care for their teeth after the initial procedure. A dental professional will also ensure to advise a patient in other areas such as preventing teeth sensitivity. By getting teeth whitened by our orthodontist Hampshire treatment options used are much safer. This is because an orthodontist has high expertise in this area and in performing procedures. An orthodontist will also take note of the progression of the procedure to ensure that the teeth are not exposed to any internal damage. The orthodontist will change the concentration of the whitening agent if necessary and this will ensure that your gums and teeth are protected from any issues.

Affordable procedure

Most dental procedures are costly due to the extensive care that is required in their process. The most favourable aspect about teeth whitening is that it's at an affordable price. At a low cost it provides an individual with effective results.


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