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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that works with the growth of the teeth, jaw and face. Many people are looking for excellent all round dental health in Hampshire. Orthodontists do of course help create straighter smiles, but the work is much wider than that.

Orthodontics helps to bring your jaw and mouth into harmony by realigning any crookedness in your bite. When you can bite together smoothly it’s easier to take care of your teeth and gums. So it’s not just a cosmetic treatment, it also helps to improve your oral health. And of course give you renewed confidence in your smile!

Excellent patient care

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, orthodontist Dr Suzette Mulder brings her passion for her work and care for her patients into every treatment. We believe that not only should you have an excellent, straightforward and clear treatment plan, but also that you should feel comfortable and at ease whenever you come into the practice.

All our staff – Suzette, dental nurses Stacy and Sam, and practice manager Tams in all do their utmost to help you feel at ease, as soon as you walk in the door.

Our treatments

We offer a range of procedures including:

  • Invisalign for adults and teens – a system of invisible, removable, clear plastic aligners that fit snugly onto your teeth. Can be taken out when eating and to clean;

  • Damon clear braces – fixed, clear braces that are almost invisible. Fast treatment time compared to traditional braces;

  • Damon metal braces – fixed system that doesn’t use plaque-attracting metal ties and so are easier to clean. No need for teeth to be extracted to use these braces.

  • Lingual braces – particularly suitable for adults, these custom-made braces are fitted to the underside of the teeth and so aren’t readily visible when you smile;

  • Traditional metal braces – long-standing, effective and affordable way to straighten your smile;

  • BioBiteCorrector® – fixed metal appliance that helps to correct your bite, without the need to remove teeth;

  • Teeth whitening – at-home system using trays filled with whitening gel. Takes about two weeks to be effective.

Which is the right one for me?

Not every treatment is suitable for everyone in Hampshire. Orthodontist Dr Mulder can advise you on what will work for you and help you achieve a smile you can feel truly confident in.


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