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Wearing braces as an adult? 5 things you can expect from braces by our orthodontist

In life, we are often told it is always best to be prepared.

However, there are a few instances where it is difficult to know what to expect and when it comes to wearing braces, this seems to be universal regardless of your age.

Yes, you know that as an adult there are more orthodontic treatments available than there would have been when you were a child. You also know that you may need to adapt to having metal attached to the front (or back) of your teeth, depending on which brace your dentist selects for you. But what does this all actually entail?

This will depend on the brace you have. Regardless of which brace is chosen for you, in this article a few of the common aspects to expect will be explored.

Because at Winchester Orthodontics, we know all about braces! Our orthodontist Hampshire has fitted thousands of adult patients with different braces and aligners and can offer you tips on how to manage your new oral appliance in your daily regime. We are also equipped to answer any questions that you may have in relation to your braces, offering you the best service available for your orthodontic journey! Perfect!

So what are the common themes which our orthodontist Hampshire has seen across all brace wearers? Read on to find out!

Your lips may feel puffy

With the addition of either a metal or plastic covering to your teeth, it is likely that your lips may feel larger than they did before.

While some people will not see this as a bad thing, our orthodontist Hampshire advises that this may impact on your vocal patterns; with larger lips, your tongue will move differently, causing altered speech. But as you adapt to your brace, your speech patterns will return to normal.

You may experience discomfort

OK, so while there are many braces that promise a more comfortable experience, such as Invisalign, it is best to be prepared for at least some discomfort.

As your teeth are being moved, even only at a slight angle, this will inevitably cause some pressure. To treat this, ask our team about the most suitable over the counter pain relief.

Be prepared to up your brushing

Whether you wear Invisalign or regular orthodontic braces, you should be prepared to up your brushing.

The easiest way to prevent secondary issues like decay from forming during your orthodontic treatment is to brush your teeth after each meal.

They may seem like a pain...

With altered speech, more brushing and discomfort, you may wonder why you even took on braces as an adult. Indeed, these issues are some of the very reasons why patients opt out of orthodontic treatments, to begin with!

...but it will be worth it!

But with a long-term success rate of over 96%, adult braces have proven their worth to thousands of our patients, giving them the confidence boost that they wanted and a great-looking smile. So, it is all worth it. We promise!


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