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Want an effective brace that is also discreet? Five advantages to wearing lingual aligners

Decided you have had enough of your crooked smile? Well done!

While it is often frowned upon to have braces past the age of sixteen years, there are many advantages to orthodontic treatment as an adult; no parents forcing it on you, no worries about how your school friends will see you and, most importantly, you are old enough to recognise the benefits.

But, if your teeth need a bit more than what is offered by a cosmetic aligner, you may be worried that the only option open to you is the good old fashioned orthodontic brace. While this is the gold standard in orthodontics for a reason, it is far from discreet and can create problems with your self-esteem.

At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist in Hampshire will help choose the perfect brace for you to get that straighter smile sooner. Our team is experienced in using many of the cosmetic braces available in dentistry, while also being versed in the classics too!

But what if your teeth are too straight for a traditional brace and too misaligned for a cosmetic option? Lingual braces fitted by our trained orthodontist in Hampshire may be the answer.


Unlike traditional options that our orthodontist in Hampshire can offer you, lingual braces are more visually discreet, and are therefore a popular option among adults. Placed on the back of the teeth, they cannot be seen at first glance, so unless someone is staring intensely at your teeth, they will not notice them!


Just as powerful as traditional aligners, lingual braces can allow our team to correct more complex cases of misalignment, therefore ensuring that the end result is striking.

Unlike cosmetic braces like Invisalign, lingual braces can also allow your teeth to rotate without issue, perfect if you have protrusions.


As they are fitted to the back of your teeth, your lingual braces will not cause issues with rubbing against your inner cheek as you sleep.

Although these braces use the action of pulling to relocate your teeth, this is done gradually and without excessive pressure, allowing for an overall more pleasant experience.


Although it may seem off to discuss the benefits of having a fitted orthodontic appliance, there are some noticeable advantages.

While you can remove some of the adult braces on the market, if you forget to put them back in again, this can prolong the overall treatment time. Lingual braces will work when you are eating, drinking, sleeping or even ice skating, creating a faster treatment time, with more visible results. Brilliant!


Of course, as an adult, you don’t want strangers staring into your mouth at your teeth- unless they are one of our dentists at Winchester Orthodontics!

Lingual braces offer you complete discretion and therefore, do not negatively impact your confidence. In fact, many previous wearers of lingual braces report having improved confidence, due to the knowledge that they are getting their teeth straightened, without causing unnecessary aesthetic changes to their appearance whilst it is happening. It's a win-win situation!


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