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Want a hassle-free teenage smile experience?

You aren’t the first teenager to face the fact that your teeth are growing through wonky, and you won’t be the last. In fact, it’s a rare person who doesn’t need some kind of straightening.

But why do braces have to be so ugly? As if it wasn’t bad enough coping with the body changes and emotional upheavals that adolescence brings, now your dentist and your parents want to add to your woes by making you wear braces too. Perhaps you need to tell them about Invisalign and get them to take you to the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics.

Dr Suzette Mulder, the orthodontist in Hampshire, knows all about how uncomfortable it is to have to walk around with brace face. That’s why she offers Invisalign Teen. Yes, it’s spelt Invisalign, even if it sounds like it should be spelt Invisaline.

Teens have different needs from adults and that’s why Invisalign has developed clear aligners just for you.

The magic blue dot

What with all the homework, sports and other out-of-school activities, not to mention a burgeoning social life, it can be easy to forget to change your aligners. You get a series of them, you see. Little bumps inside them press on your teeth to get them to move and once they have, it’s time to put in the next one. Not sure when you last changed aligners? Then just look at the blue dot on the side at the back. If it’s still there, you need to keep this one in a bit longer. If not, it’s time for the next in the series.

More clever tricks

Invisalign Teen doesn’t have to wait until all your teeth are descended. We can leave spaces in the aligners that can guide your teeth through to the right position.

Alignment issues too severe?

It could be that the orthodontist in Hampshire will recommend you start off your treatment with traditional braces, but once the more severe issues are sorted out, you can complete your treatment with Invisalign.

Want to know more? Get your parents to book you in for a free consultation.


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