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Unsure if there are benefits to braces as an adult? Our orthodontist highlights the top 5!

When you were younger, the idea of wearing braces filled you with dread; you didn't want to wear them and your parents were trying to warm you to the idea. But this persuasion may not have worked, leaving you as the child who never got braces! As an adult, you may reflect on this decision and regret it, as you now realise that there were indeed many benefits to wearing a brace that you have now missed out on.

Luckily, it's not too late!

And, you may be pleased to know that all of those advantages that you may feel you have missed out on have not gone away. You can still benefit from orthodontic work as an adult, and may even appreciate the procedure more than you would have as a child.

At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist Hampshire has helped thousands of adults get the smile that they have always wanted with braces, while also allowing them to reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment. And, with our range of different braces for you and our team to choose from, you could be on your way to that perfect smile in no time at all!

Still unsure if there are any real advantages to braces as an adult? Our orthodontist Hampshire highlights the top 5 below.

Your teeth will be straighter

While this is the most obvious benefit that there is to be had from wearing a brace as an adult, you will be surprised how many people overlook it.

As our orthodontist Hampshire knows, a straighter smile is easier to care for, will improve your confidence and will ultimately lead to better overall health.

Your oral health will improve

Crooked or misaligned teeth are tough to clean correctly.

And, if you regularly fail to give your teeth a proper scrub, it can cause plaque to accumulate, leading to decay and even gum disease. As your teeth straighten, they will become easier to clean, improving the hygiene in your mouth and decreasing the chances of gingivitis and cavities.

Your speech will change

It is common for someone who has undertaken braces to notice a change in their speech. This could be caused by a protruding tooth being put into line, or the space between your jaws widening. Either way, you should notice improved pronunciation and inflexion.

Your jawbone will be stronger

Teeth which are misaligned will have crooked roots, which often puts additional pressure on to the jawbone, something which needs to be avoided.

This pressure can lead to your jawbone eroding, which will impact negatively on the stability of your teeth. As braces straighten both the tooth and the root, your jawbone will actually become stronger and will be less likely to erode.

Your digestion will improve

Teeth that are not aligned often struggle to chew and grind food correctly, leading to secondary digestive issues. Once your teeth are aligned, they will work like all the cogs in a machine, grinding food correctly and reducing gastrointestinal complaints like heartburn.


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