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Unsure if adult braces are worth it?5 advantages from our orthodontist at Winchester Orthodontics

Many people were told growing up that having braces fitted would only work if you were young.

While there are some obvious advantages to straightening your teeth as a child or teenager, in recent years, more and more adults have been looking for ways to straighten their teeth, without worrying about success or failure rates.

In years gone by, the only real option for many adults with misaligned smiles was to undertake treatment with traditional, metal braces. Understandably, many people were less than eager to do so and learnt to live with their smiles as they were.

Today, thanks to the advances in both cosmetic and orthodontic areas, there is now more reason than ever before to have your teeth straightened as an adult.

At Winchester Orthodontics, we have helped many adult patients get the smile that they deserve. Our orthodontist in Hampshire is experienced in using all of the different types of adult braces and can select the most appropriate one for you. With almost every brace we offer being either clear or invisible, you won’t have to worry about attracting unwanted stares when out and about. Excellent!

But what are some of the advantages of having your teeth straightened as an adult?


If you have visited our orthodontist in Hampshire to have straighter teeth as an adult, chances are that your smile is impacting on your confidence.

One of the most notable advantages of undertaking orthodontic treatment as an adult is that you will notice the changes more easily than you would have as a child, leading to a real confidence boost. And with invisible braces being so common, you can achieve that confidence without metal aligners! If you are interested in these braces make sure you search ‘Invisalign’ rather than ‘Invisaline’ as it is sometimes mistakenly spelt!

Better health

Having misaligned teeth does more than simply dent your confidence.

As our orthodontist in Hampshire will tell you, undertaking any kind of brace will reduce secondary health concerns, such as acid reflux, heart disease or even cancer. Indeed, with fewer places for plaque to hide and better chewing technique, the likelihood of all these conditions occurring decreases.

Improved oral hygiene

As you may have noticed, crooked teeth are hard to clean correctly!

And so, even with the most vigorous brushing, you may still miss spots, leading to plaque accumulation. When you undertake a brace from our team, as your teeth straighten, your overall dental health will improve, leading to whiter, healthier teeth devoid of plaque and cavities!


As the names suggest, invisible and clear braces are both designed to be discreet.

So, there is now no need to worry about your colleagues or friends noticing that you are wearing a brace; they blend seamlessly into your smile and will allow you to feel supreme confidence.


Having straighter teeth can act as a preventive, for things such as facial injuries, decay, tooth loss and gum disease. Indeed, people with misaligned teeth generally suffer from these issues to a higher extent compared to those with straight teeth, so having adult braces will certainly pay off in the long run!


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