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Understanding the role that an orthodontist, Hampshire, can play in your oral health

We all know how important it is for us to take care of our oral health and hygiene, by having a regular cleaning routine and visiting the dentist to have regular check-ups and to receive any dental treatments we may require. We learn about the need to look after our mouths, teeth, and gums from an early age via our parents telling us about the need to clean our teeth twice a day and by them introducing us to a dental practice.

While many of us may understand the vital role that the dentist plays with our oral health needs. We must also be aware that they are not the only type of professional that we can turn to, to find specialist oral treatment. For instance, if you are someone who suffers from misaligned teeth you may want to seek the specialist advice of an orthodontist, Hampshire, to find out about the treatments and services they have to offer.

Living with misaligned teeth

Unfortunately, there is still a large number of adults living in the UK with the discomfort and issues that are caused by misaligned teeth, as they may not be aware of the modern treatments that are now available in the UK dental market. Many of these people may have been offered tooth alignment treatment in their teenage years and refuse to engage with it.

They have then grown to believe that the opportunity to receive treatment has passed them by, but this is clearly incorrect as there are alignment treatments available to adults from an orthodontist, Hampshire.

Modern treatments with modern thinking

There are several different alignment treatment options that have come to the forefront in recent years, many of which were designed with consultation with potential patients and aim to break down any barriers that have prevented these patients from receiving treatment in the past. These new aligners have been created to provide a discrete treatment to those who decide to undergo treatment, many of them have also been designed to take the patients comfort into account.

By making some of these new alignment treatments removable by the wearer, this reduces the need for them to live with any discomfort or pain. If they experience any discomfort the patient can simply remove the alignment device for a short period of time, putting it back into position once any discomfort has dissipated.

Undergoing treatment

Should you decide to undergo tooth alignment treatment with an orthodontist, Hampshire, it is very important that you understand what is involved. First, you will need to take part in a full consultation appointment where scans or x-rays can be taken of your teeth, these will be used in the creation of your aligners to be used in your treatment.

Your treatment may require several sets of aligners to be created, each of which will perform a different role within your treatment and may need to be worn for two to three weeks before being changed for the next in line. You should expect your treatment to be needed for twelve to eighteen months in total, depending on your desired results.

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