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Top reasons to visit an orthodontist

It can be confusing for patients to fully understand what role our orthodontist Hampshire plays in dentistry. An orthodontist Hampshire is a dental practitioner who has undergone additional professional training to obtain knowledge about misaligned teeth and jaws. Their training will include the different types of orthodontic problems and their causes, how to accurately assess a patient’s condition, how to prescribe a suitable treatment plan and the design, features and benefits of different orthodontic devices.

Our orthodontist Hampshire is very experienced in the field of orthodontics, having helped many, many patients achieve dental health and a happy smile.

Importance of orthodontic treatment

By straightening the alignment of teeth, the field of orthodontics is devoted to improving health (dental and overall physical health) as well as quality of life. How can straightening teeth treatments offer such sought after, weighty goals? Here are a few ways that illustrate how this works.

Healthier natural teeth

Patients who care about their dental health do so in the hopes of enjoying the use of their natural teeth for life. The longer the lifespan of your natural teeth, the less likely it will be that you will need to spend money on costly restorative dentistry solutions, not to mention avoiding the pain associated with dental decay and having to endure anxiety-creating treatments such as root canal therapy.

One of the most critical requirements for healthy teeth is that they are cleaned thoroughly - which means a patient’s ability to brush and floss properly. When teeth are not aligned in their natural position, this creates a challenge to your home oral hygiene routine. The bristles of a toothbrush or floss thread cannot get into those awkward places where bad bacteria love to hide, making the build-up of plaque a frustrating problem to deal with.

A modern orthodontic treatment solution such as Invisalign has been proven to successfully straighten teeth, in addition to correcting misaligned jaws.

Healthier teeth work to the advantage of patients in another way, too – benefits to overall physical health. Patients with poor dental health run the risk of having health-threatening bad bacteria enter the bloodstream where they can attack vital organs like the heart.

Boost to mental and emotional health

In investigating the foundations of success, you may or may not be surprised at the appearance of confidence on this list. Not enjoying a good dose of confidence will have anyone wanting to climb the proverbial corporate ladder, or someone wanting more engaging social relationships, facing difficult challenges.

With high levels of self-esteem in place, patients are more than ready to grab hold of opportunities and make a go of finding a job, pursuing friendships or finding a life partner.

With so many noteworthy benefits to straightening teeth, patients are left with one conundrum – which from the diverse array of orthodontic tools (traditional wires-and-brackets braces, clear braces, aligner-like trays) should you choose to help you with your orthodontic goals?

To help you to make the most suitable choice for you or learn the difference between Invisalign and other types of invisible braces (yes, there are more than one type), schedule a consultation with us at Winchester Orthodontics.


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