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The star of the show: Invisalign and your orthodontist in Hampshire!

You’ve looked in the mirror and hoped you’d find a different smile, or at least thought it would look a bit better with a second glance but, unfortunately, you still see the same set of teeth looking back at you. You may have lost your confidence to chat freely with friends, or you’ve been worried about going for that job interview; it’ll play on your mind all the way through, so what’s the point?

Having misaligned teeth doesn’t have to be a thing you put up with, whilst it slowly erodes your confidence. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are treatment plans that your orthodontist in Hampshire can offer you to suit your particular needs.

Here, we take a look at one of the most popular treatment plans available: Invisalign.

What is it?

Sometimes misspelt as Invisaline, Invisalign is a brace system that aligns your teeth through the use of a series of bespoke removable mouth trays (aligners). These are not fixed on your teeth, so it means that you can remove them when you eat and drink, making them easier to keep clean and reducing the need for you to touch any food you’ve just chewed. Result!

The biggest attraction to this system, though, has to be the fact that they are nearly invisible!

How do they work?

After a scan of your mouth to capture how your smile could look after treatment with Invisalign, you will have aligners made for your teeth. Each of the aligners is made with clear plastic and they are created using 3D technology which calculates how much force each aligner should apply to your teeth, moving them mere millimetres at a time. That’s why you will change your aligners on a weekly basis. Biomechanical engineers have designed Invisalign to ensure that they fit your gums perfectly, and this is why they are arguably more comfortable than other treatment options.

Other benefits of Invisalign

As treatment is mapped out from the initial consultation, your treatment time should be predictable and therefore, the most time-effective option. There is no risk of suffering from any metal allergies as there’s no metal involved, and there should be less irritation or scratching due to the smooth plastic that is used. Eating, drinking, and flossing can all be done with ease as the aligners are removable, and nobody needs to know you’re using them - unless you choose to tell them!

There are many benefits to Invisalign and the above is not an exhaustive list. What is perhaps the trickiest to quantify is how wearing Invisalign will make you feel; the confidence you will gain as you start to see balance and symmetry reaching your smile is immeasurable - you won’t even know yourself until it happens to you.

So, while taking the leap of faith might feel unnerving, at Winchester Orthodontics we know how to give you your smile back. We have treatment plans to suit everybody and if Invisalign sounds like one you’d like to explore further, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. We’re here to answer your questions and to give you the confidence to pursue the pleasure of smiling without limits.


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