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The orthodontics on offer at our orthodontist in Hampshire

At our dental clinic in Hampshire we offer our patients many years of experience within the field of orthodontics, as well as a welcoming, calm, and professional dental approach. All of our dental healthcare professionals take pride in delivering a high standard of private dental care in the practice. Arguably some of our more popular forms of discreet dentistry are lingual braces, and clear aligners.

What are lingual braces, and how do they work?

Lingual braces are a popular form of orthodontics at our orthodontist in Hampshire. Lingual braces strive for the same results as all other forms of braces; straighter, aligned, and happier teeth! Lingual braces use metal plates and wires which are placed behind the teeth, meaning they are invisible to onlookers. In terms of the way they work, lingual braces encourage the teeth to slowly align into a uniform position, consequently producing aesthetically desirable results.

Why choose lingual braces?

Lingual braces are an obvious choice for patients who do not wish for abrasions of the gums (due to metal wires and brackets), and would like to receive a more comfortable overall orthodontic experience. Aside from their comfort, and their subtle appearance, lingual braces are customised and therefore unique to each individual patient's dental condition.

Alternative options

Our orthodontist in Hampshire understands that many of our patients may appreciate multiple orthodontic options. Aside from lingual braces, another popular form of braces are ‘clear aligners’.

The Invisalign process

Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays which are unique to each individual patient's dental presentation. Our dental clinic embraces modern dental technologies, using an iTero digital scanner to create impressions (without the fuss of dental putty), as well as to pre-plan the exact number of aligner trays required, and the treatment time that is expected. Invisalign clear aligners are constantly rising in popularity within the field of dentistry, producing rapid and effective results for a wide array of patients, with various orthodontic requirements.

The financial cost of clear aligners

Many patients may be unaware of the financial cost of Invisalign, however it may be less than they expect. The cost of any dental procedure depends heavily on the individual case and the amount of treatment required.

A traditional orthodontic approach

Aside from the ever growing variety in modern braces, traditional metal braces are undeniably effective. Despite common misconception, traditional metal braces are not only suitable for younger individuals, but also for adults who are looking for a cheaper alternative. Apart from their affordability, the results of traditional metal braces are never compromised. Traditional metal braces may be recommended for patients who are suffering from the most complex dental problems; overbites, severe overcrowding, crossbites, and uneven spacing of the teeth.

Relieving a financial burden

With private dental care, some costs may seem overwhelming for our patients, this is why we strive to lift the weight of dental fees from our patients’ shoulders. At our dental clinic, we never ask our patients to pay for their dental treatment in total right away, giving them financial flexibility. Monthly payment plans allow our patients to pay for their dental work in instalments, with 0% interest, this choice is a great help for many.


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