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The beauty of hidden braces

If you create a picture of braces in your head, you are probably seeing shiny, metal equipment that is fixed to someone’s teeth. Fortunately, braces have evolved quite a lot. While traditional methods still have their place, there are a number of other options available. Some of these are referred to as ‘hidden braces’. Winchester Orthodontics offer a number of types of braces that come under this category. These include Damon Clear Braces and Invisalign (sometimes spelt incorrectly as ‘Invisaline’).

If you want to explore the beauty of hidden braces then talk to our orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics. They are on hand to talk you through all of your options. Some realignment issues are best addressed by certain types of braces. After an examination of your teeth, your orthodontist in Hampshire can let you know if you are able to choose between our hidden braces brands.

What’s the difference between Damon and Invisalign?

The best person to talk you through all the differences between types of treatment is the orthodontist in Hampshire. They can discuss with you the aspects that are important to you. However, there are some general differences that can help you start thinking about what you want.

  • Fixed versus removable – Damon are fixed to the teeth in the same way as traditional braces. This means that, once they are fitted, you only have to visit for your regular check-ups and keep your teeth and braces clean. The Invisalign system uses removable, clear aligners that fit snugly over the teeth. You need to wear your aligner for the majority of the day and overnight for them to be effective. It is advised that you should only take your aligner out to eat and to clean it;

  • Aesthetics – Damon are made from materials that are sensitive to the look of your teeth. This means clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. From a distance, it’s hard to tell that you are wearing braces. Up close, someone will still be able to spot them but the impact is substantially less jarring than with traditional braces. Invisalign, however, are completely clear so it is possible that no one will be able to see that you are wearing an aligner.


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