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Teeth or jaw misaligned? Our orthodontist will help!

To have misaligned teeth or jaws is not an uncommon problem in this day and age, as nearly fifty per cent of the developed world has this problem. Not all fifty per cent have a condition so severe that they require orthodontist Hampshire intervention. Here, in Hampshire, Winchester Orthodontics have the skills, knowledge and equipment to correct your dental misalignment condition. Our expertly primed team and resident orthodontist Hampshire regularly attend training and seminars to stay up to date on the latest techniques and equipment being brought to the market. The advances made in the field of orthodontics have been truly amazing. If you have a misalignment condition you will be able to receive treatment today that is far superior to what was being offered even as recently as twenty years ago. Procedures that were previously considered difficult are now being performed routinely.

Oral mal positioning, more than cosmetic

We know and understand that having a misaligned jaw or teeth can cause problems far beyond just cosmetic. A misaligned jaw can cause problems with eating, sleeping, talking and even breathing. Your facial appearance can alter, affecting the symmetry. Swelling, popping of the jaw, tired mouth and headaches can all be the result of a misaligned jaw. Misaligned teeth can also cause gastric problems because you cannot chew properly and dental decay due to bacteria in pockets between your teeth can result in lost teeth. Gum disease can occur and bad breath as well as excessive wear of teeth are common. There is also the cosmetic aspect of oral misalignment, your top or bottom teeth may protrude. Overbites, underbites, open bite and crossbite are just some of the many conditions caused by misaligned teeth.

Our care provides more than just oral treatment

Over the years the dental fraternity has become more patient centred. Our aim is to provide you with the level of care and attention that we would expect to receive if we were the patient. Our team and our resident orthodontist Hampshire will spend a lot of your surgery visit ensuring that you are well informed about your condition. We will also encourage you to ask as many questions about your condition and the proposed treatment as you need to feel comfortable to make a decision on your treatment. Your oral cavity is a very important part of your anatomy and we want you to take charge of it, we will guide you but ultimately any treatment must be your decision. If you are a nervous patient our training aids us to help you to relax and remain calm and the knowledge of your condition and treatment will go a long way to help alleviate any apprehension you may feel.

Technology makes treatment quicker and more efficient

As technology has advanced so dental treatment has improved. There are treatments that are computer aided and some dental fillings that don’t require drilling. Reducing discomfort is an area that is receiving a lot of attention. You can rest assured that we will utilise all those resources that are available to us when we treat your condition. We want you to leave us with a mouth that is working as it should and a smile that will light up a room.


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