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Teen story of Brace Face and the little blue dot

So, you’ve just found out you need braces and in addition to the disaster of wires and brackets you also find out your jaw needs to advance, so you’ll be wearing a guard at night time as well. Being a teenager is embarrassing enough without having to face, literally, a mouth full of wire.

If this is the case for you or your teen, then you need to talk to your orthodontist in Hampshire about Invisalign Teen. At Winchester Orthodontics we use 3D imaging to get the perfect imprint of your mouth. Your brace is then 3D printed creating a perfectly fitting, totally clear brace. Since your aligner fits completely over your teeth, it acts as a tooth guard and can be worn 24/7, which means you won’t need an additional dental intervention to provide mandibular advancement.

You’ll receive a complete series of aligners following a precise treatment plan. Your treatment plan will need to be followed religiously, replacing each tooth guard with the next in the series every 6-10 days. As a teenager, remembering to do this could be a real challenge as your mind’s on higher things and your brain is literally being rewired as you grow into adulthood. Invisalign have provided a perfect fail safe for the forgetful and disorganised – the little blue dot.

The little blue dot sits at the back of your clear brace and will fade over 6-10 days. Once it’s faded, bingo! That’s your signal to move to the next brace. Once a series is exhausted, you’ll need to come back and visit your orthodontist. In Hampshire, we can offer you a free consultation where you can discuss the details and suitability of this treatment for you.

There are other advantages to Invisalign (sometimes misspelled as Invisaline). There’s nothing covering the roof of your mouth. The result of this, is, no impediment on your speech and since the aligner corrects your teeth and your jaw advancement at the same time, you’ll get results quickly from just one form of treatment.

Working closely with your orthodontist in Hampshire, we can help you navigate those difficult teen years without Brace Face getting in the way of your life.


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