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Teen invisible braces and our orthodontist

Are you looking into ways to achieve straighter teeth? Maybe you lack confidence in your smile, or feel self-conscious about your teeth when speaking to others. Perhaps you have crooked teeth, or possibly gaps that you are aware of. If this is something you can relate to, then here is some good news for you: you don’t need to feel that way forever! Our orthodontist Hampshire would be thrilled to answer your questions (if you have them) and discuss treatment options with you and your parent/guardian. Upon visiting us at Winchester Orthodontics and after carefully examining your teeth and mouth, we may look into the option of Invisalign braces with you.

Why should I consider Invisalign braces?

There are numerous advantages to these transparent braces. Invisalign is a form of straightening teeth which is tailored to your specific needs. This means that your care plan, your aligners and your end goal will all be personalised for you by our orthodontist Hampshire, in discussion with you. If self-consciousness is something that affects you, then these invisible braces can minimise the likelihood of this being increased during the process of having your teeth straightened. Similarly to sports mouth guards (like the ones used for rugby) these clear braces can be taken out for eating, helping you to consume whatever you normally would. This removability also means that you can clean your teeth properly using brushing and flossing, without the aligners getting in the way.

3D imaging technology, X-rays, photos and examinations can all be utilised to help create a treatment plan. Our highly-qualified orthodontist can even show you a digital prediction of your end goal to help you to visualise your straighter teeth. Because the aligners are tailor made, discomfort should be kept to a minimum as rubbing on the gums is reduced and a secure fit is enhanced. We will be able to give you an estimated time frame for your treatment (this, of course, differs from person to person, but as a guide it can take anywhere from 6-24 months). It’s predictable because your care is planned ahead of time and you therefore know what to expect and when to expect it. You will be advised to attend regular visits with our orthodontist Hampshire who can then check your progress throughout the treatment course.

When is the best time for a young person to look into Invisalign?

Because both baby and permanent teeth are treatable with Invisalign the start time of the process is adjustable to where your needs are. The recommended initial consultation for a young person is to take place between the ages of 7 and 10 years, but this by no means excludes those who are older. It wouldn’t be necessary to start before the recommended age, but as Invisalign aligners can be used for adults as well, there is no need for hesitation if you are already over the age of 10. Our dental professional would be more than willing to see you and discuss the correct options for your individual case at any time.

What are the next steps?

In discussion with your parent/guardian you are encouraged to give us a call at Winchester Orthodontics. A member of our friendly team would be thrilled to discuss your needs with you and offer you an initial appointment to see our orthodontist who would be able to talk you through your treatment options after an examination.


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